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'7Million' Expands Closed Beta, Faction #2 Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 19, 2008 @ 3:30 a.m. PST

7Million is a free to play MMO in the exciting world of spectacular heists, daring thieves and glamorous lady larcenists, featuring action filled puzzle games, cool, fully customizable characters and challenging missions – delivered in true style, of course. Wannabe mobsters who would like to take part in the closed beta test can sign up here, which has been expanded due to high interest.

Welcome to 7Million – the game that never sleeps!

7Million is a free to play massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) in the exciting world of spectacular heists, daring thieves and glamorous lady larcenists. 7Million offers something for every type of player: Action filled puzzle games, cool, fully customizable characters and challenging missions – delivered in true style, of course.

Any aspiring crook will find the latest news, pictures and game information here, so be sure to drop in for a visit.

The game about fame welcomes you all to the glamorous world of gentleman gangsters and lady thieves. If you simply can’t resist the scent of big money and spectacular heists, 7Million will allow you to rub shoulders with the cleverest of crooks. Create your own individual character and prowl the streets of Paradise City in search of the next big thing.

7Million plays in a detailed 3D world in a modern setting with many parallels to the real world. Despite all this 7Million is not an exact reflection of the real world, to allow players enough room for imagination and development. 7Million will be a welcome change in MMO's, as it does not play in the typical fantasy or science-fiction genre. Players with only a small amount of time will get their bearings quickly without missing out on all the fun of the game and the interaction with loads of other players.

Faction #3: Stimato

The Stimato are the second oldest faction in town and for a while they ran most of Paradise City. They have a peculiar sense of honor and ethics, stealing from anyone is ok, as long as he is not part of the famiglia. They value tradition very highly and are always worried about losing face by acting outside the set of rules and codes established by generations of Stimato. But with the changing ways of the city, their traditions have come under attack internally and externally and they have lost much of their former power - many say it was their arrogance that brought them to their current state.

If you ask the Stimato, it was better in the old days. They intensely mistrust technology and new ideas, which made them an easy target for the Lawford incursion. In the eyes of the Stimato families, the Lawford have no respect for tradition and no fear of losing face. The Lawford's ‘flexible' ethical code and lack of social structure makes them almost aliens to the Stimato, since for them money and power ultimately are just means of acquiring respect. Without respect a man or woman is worth nothing, no matter how rich.

If respecting the family and traditions is the glue that holds the Stimato together the fuel for them is passion. They quickly fly into a rage, shed rivers of tears, are easily insulted and aroused to laughter. They love to love for love's sake. They fume over perceived slights and they do it with a flair for drama. Any emotion with them is an opera. This passion is what makes family ties so important, what motivates them to excel in areas others may not care that much about and what makes them gather the energy to overcome obstacles and hard times.


The famiglia is the organizational unit of the Stimato. In a real sense it is both the (often extended) family that has become incorporated into the organization and the imagined famiglia of the fellow clans. As with any family, they may quarrel on the inside but present a united front on the outside.

Stimato promote from within their famiglia. They will always try to position their kin before any other. This is a source of conflict inside the faction. While they implicitly trust anyone inside their family, conversely they are wary of strangers, thus making new business often difficult.

  • Capo dei capi: The Leader of the Stimato is the Capo dei capi or "Don of dons", but he is normally called "The Don". The current Don took over when the Lawford invasion was in full swing and has managed to defend his remaining territories. He is not a happy man, though, knowing that the Stimato need to do more than just play defense. Torn between tradition and adapting to new circumstances, the Don has a difficult job to do.
  • Capos: There are a number of Capos or captains, each running one of the families. The families may differ widely in size, so a Capo may be much more powerful than the next. A Capo usually will be called ‘Don' ‘Christian name', so Pasquale Verreti, Capo of the Verreti family is "Don Pasquale".
  • Consigliere: Below the Capos are the Consigliere, or advisers, who help the captains with making decisions and usually run part of their business. These are often fences and middle men or even lawyers and bankers. A consigliere's main virtue is loyalty.
  • Goodfellas: The common ranks are called Soldati, Picciotti or more commonly "Made Men" or Goodfellas and run the daily business of the family. They may be anything from Goons to clever thieves and usually are quite proud of their status. Becoming a goodfella is not easy and requires at least two sponsors to vouch for you, who will be held responsible for your actions.
  • Associates: Anyone new to the faction or a business partner from the outside is called an Associate and not yet considered a real part of the famiglia.


‘Onkel' Fabrizio Fidanza (Capo)

This elderly gentleman represents the ideal image of a Stimato. He cares for the family above and beyond the call of duty. He respects traditions and knows his place, the Fidanza family being trusted consiglieri to the powerful Pacini clan. The fact that everybody calls him Uncle Fabrizio instead of Don Fabrizio, as respect would dictate, makes many people underestimate him. But with Don Fabrizio, this may be their last mistake. He runs part of the harbor for the Stimato and was largely unaffected by the recent troubles. With the Stimato's need for new recruits, the influx of fresh members from the motherland means they all get to meet Uncle Fabrizio when they step off the boat. And he makes sure they remember him and his help and guidance. Once this new blood gets infused into all the Stimato families, the Fidanza clan will all of a sudden have contacts and debts owed within all the families. A little friendliness will go a long way, then.

Emiliana "Die Peitsche" Ferella (Capo)

Named for her sharp wit, this young capo has outdone a number of her rather slow-witted cousins in becoming capo. One of the few women leading a family, she runs her clan tightly and defends her position vigorously, threatening any men in her way with a tongue lashing that will make them loose face so quickly, they will laugh along before they realize the joke is on them. Emiliana is no fool, she knows she needs to keep ahead of the game, so she tries to secure her position by acquiring information on her fellow Dons from their villas or offices. Emiliana has made a point of being well informed of anything that goes on and one can find Ferella family members in all parts of the Stimato district, amicably chatting with anyone and reporting everything back to Donna Emiliana.

Paolo 'Paulie' DiNero(Godfella)

Youngest cousin of Don Roberto DiNero, one of the more ruthless leaders among the Stimato, Paolo has always been protected by his uncle's wide reach. This has made him slightly spoiled and more than a little arrogant. Paulie has little respect for anyone or anything and thus constantly breaks the unwritten rules of the famiglia. He has yet to find a tight spot he couldn't get out of by conjuring up his uncle's name. He is a talented smuggler and able thief, if he applied his talents he might even amount to something. But his passion for living life in the fast lane has spoiled his appetite for training. Paolo enjoys life to its fullest and sees no reason to stop anytime soon.

Deep Silver's 7Million is being developed by Team Vienna and produced by Cliffhanger Productions.

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