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'Days of Wrath' (X360) to Get New Cities as DLC - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2008 @ 3:55 a.m. PST

Based on the upcoming movie, Days of Wrath tells the story of gangs in North America, the media who exploits them, and the consequences of both. Your job is to control one of four different gangs, taking control of the gangs’ leaders as you expand your empire to become the most powerful gang leader in the country!

A gripping urban gangster tale, the movie is an explosive drama that intertwines compelling storylines with a surprising cast of characters. In the movie, Byron Gordon, a handsome, wealthy playboy owner of a struggling Los Angeles television station, KIND, finds reporting on gang warfare good for ratings and good for profits, but he finds much, much more -- a son he didn’t know he had, threats and danger from a gang boss that could destroy him and his business, and a love that he finds when he least expected it. In the Days Of Wrath game, your task is to make life and death decisions of a real gang leader as you build a street rep to a cross-continent empire.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become the most notorious gangster of North America? Could you stare down the barrel of a gun without blinking? Are you capable of running a gang spanning multiple cities without getting killed in the process?

In the game, your job is to control one of four different gangs, taking personal control of the gangs’ leaders as you expand your empire. The four gangs available to play are the Triple-7s (featured in the film version of Days of Wrath), the Rollin Hustlers (urban gangsters with one foot in the world of Hip Hop and one foot in the grave), the Red Menace (old school Eastern European organized crime) and finally the Hellcats (an all girl gang).

Regardless of which gang you choose to play, your objective is clear: To become the most powerful gang in the country! Each gang will have unique strengths and weaknesses; you must take over and control the other gangs, using whatever means necessary – violence, extortion, corruption, drugs, money, and weapons.

In addition to the game, it is also intended to make the movie available for purchase as a download. Furthermore, several expansion packs are scheduled that will provide additional content such as additional playable cities, gangs, missions and items.

The initial game download will feature the playable cities of Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Other cities are planned to be developed in the future and released as separately purchased add-on packs, and those cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

Days of Wrath the movie boasts an ensemble cast that includes Wilmer Valderrama, in a groundbreaking performance, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Laurence Fishburne, Jessie Garcia, Ana Claudia Talancon, Taye Diggs, Amber Valletta, Lupe Ontiveros, David Banner, Rick Ross, Faizon Love, Kurupt, Slim Thug, Brandon T. Jackson and Melyssa Ford. An original Snoop Dogg track opens the film as well as the game.

Foxy Films and developer United Coders announced that Xbox Live Arcade is the 1st target for the movie-based game, and has a scheduled release date sometime spring of 2009.

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