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'Dragon Master Spell Caster' (Wii) Announced, Uses Gamebryo Engine

by Rainier on Dec. 4, 2008 @ 9:19 a.m. PST

Stickmen Studios is developing Dragon Master Spell Caster for Nintendo's WiiWare, where players ride dragons and battle foes using unique combinations of melee and spells. Stickmen Studios has chosen Emergent’s Gamebryo engine for this new title, as well as future development.

Stickmen Studios’ primary criterion was a development technology that would maximize the Wii console’s 3D graphics performance and easily integrate with other development tools. The studio also needed middleware that would allow iterations of the title on different platforms and the ability to work in other genres for future projects.

After an exhaustive review of the industry, Stickmen selected Gamebryo. Its superior particle engine, high-quality animation tools and tight integration with Maya made it the clear choice for Wii support. The engine’s long track record of being used in hundreds of titles for multiple game categories and platforms reassured the company it would provide a solid foundation for growth.

Stickmen wanted to focus on creating a AAA-quality game on the WiiWare platform, and not to be distracted by the technology underlying their creativity.

“This is our first title. We can’t afford to make a mistake so we were extremely purposeful when looking at the market,” said Wil McLellan, CEO, Stickmen Studios. “Gamebryo surpassed all of our expectations. The engine enabled our programmers to focus on gameplay and our artists to focus on the look and feel of the spells – instead of worrying about the coding.”

The Gamebryo development engine is being used by large and small developers to create titles ranging from major console launches to casual PC titles. Gamebryo’s flexible licensing model is individually tailored to the timelines and budgets of each specific project.

“Stickmen’s use of Gamebryo for Dragon Master Spell Caster is an excellent example of the flexibility of Emergent’s technology. Working with a new studio like Stickmen is one of the most exciting parts of our work at Emergent. We are helping them build scalable core technology, enabling them to meet their ambition of becoming one of the top developers in the world,” said Katie Morgan, VP of sales and marketing, Emergent.

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