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Earth Eternal

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Sparkplay
Developer: Sparkplay

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'Earth Eternal' Developer Secures $4.25 Million in Financing

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2008 @ 3:56 a.m. PST

Earth Eternal is a 3D high-fantasy MMORPG world that combines real-world history, legend, and myth with original creations. Earth Eternal will be free to play, no mandatory subscription, pay only when you feel the game is worth contributing to.

The world of Earth Eternal is a kind of fantasy Earth. It incorporates real-world elements that range from Egyptian Gods to Arthurian legend to the saga of Beowulf. In other words, while Earth Eternal is loosely based on themes from the real-world, virtually everything has our own spin on it. For instance, in EE, most of the Greek and Norse Gods were slain by extra-dimensional Sphinxes acting in concert with Anubis, Egyptian God of Death.

In Earth Eternal, you'll pick a primary class, but after a certain point, you'll be free to start learning the abilities in the other classes, though your character will not advance as quickly in those classes. Upon Earth Eternal's released, it will have four classes: Warrior, Mage, Druid, and Sneak, though you are not limited to abilities within your class.

The company plans to use the $4.25 million capital to expand development of its browser-based massively multiplayer 3D games platform and of its first MMO, Earth Eternal.

“We’ve been self-financing, and thus bootstrapping, for two years now and are incredibly excited about the chance to expand and accelerate our plans. We’re developing a different kind of game: one that combines compelling traditional MMO gameplay with new experiences that can be shared with friends on social networks and beyond. ” said Matt Mihaly, CEO of Sparkplay Media.

“We’re also very happy to have the great people at Redpoint and Prism backing us up. It’s gratifying that they share our vision of where MMOs and virtual worlds are heading and are willing to give us the chance to prove that vision to the market,” continued Mihaly.

Fouad ElNaggar, who sits on Sparkplay’s board for Redpoint, said, “What Matt and his team are creating immediately sparked our interest. There are lots of teams out there trying to build the next big thing in games - we've met many of them! Sparkplay was rare in that they combined a proven ability to create compelling content that drives purchasing with the type of forward-looking thinking that will be required for a new gaming experience to achieve escape velocity with consumers.”

Earth Eternal will have sixteen races available at release:

  • Anura (frog-people)
  • Atavian (bird-person)
  • Bandicoon (raccoon person)
  • Broccan (badger-person)
  • Foxen (fox-person)
  • Lisian (gecko-person)
  • Ursine (bear-person)
  • Taurian (bull-person)
  • Bounder (rabbit-person)
  • Feline (cat-person)
  • Tuskian (boar-person)
  • Hart (stag/deer-person)
  • Caprican (ram/sheep-person)
  • Longtail (rat-person)
  • Fangren (wolf-person)
  • Noctari (owl-person)

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