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'Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2008 @ 5:02 a.m. PST

Title Bout 2 is a complete boxing simulation that places thousands of fighters from John L. Sullivan to Wladimir Klitschko under your control, letting you control all aspects of the sport, from knockdowns to knockouts, from cuts to disqualifications, from trial horses to champions. Now updated with a new gfx engine, redesigned database, and even more fighters.

Get the Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5 Demo off WP (44mb)

TB 2.5 is a milestone on the way to the role playing version of the game and will replace TB2. It includes a lot of new, powerful features, a completely redesigned database and a new graphics engine.

TB 2.5 comes with more than 6600 updated fighter records and is linked to our new online fighter database, which is constantly being updated by a team of dedicated volunteers. This way you'll receive changes and additions on your computer as soon as they have been added to the online database!

We at OOTP Developments are very happy about all the help which we received when working on TB 2.5. We have a very motivated beta testers team who not only found a lot of new and old bugs but also made a lot of great suggestions which made it into the game. More suggestions and feedback came from the boxing community on our forums.
The database revisors did a great job on the fighter database - more than 6600 accurate records with tested ratings and biographies, that's really a monumental task!
The text team worked on the fight commentary database and added hundreds of new lines of text. The flags have been replaced with a new and much nicer set. Nations, venues, corner men, judges, referees and announcers have been updated. New graphics for the interface have been created.

We're sure you'll like the resulting product. It's the best Title Bout Championship Boxing ever. Download here - if you own TB1 or TB2 please be sure to read the discount offer below!

OOTP Developments thanks the beta testers and the whole community for the ongoing help and support. It's much appreciated! Special thanks go to Christopher Mund aka CONN CHRIS who made service far beyond the call of duty, especially on the fighter database!


  • Direct access to our new online fighter database from inside the game. Just click on "update" and download the latest changes and additions made to fighter data, ratings or biography to your "data pool". If you want to add them to any of your boxing universes you can do that with a single mouse click. But it's optional! The changes will be merged into your boxing universe without overwriting stats and record. And the good thing is: this is an ongoing process, and it's for free! You can check the current status of the fighter database and a complete changelist and history on our web site anytime at
  • Our database revisors team did a great job with updating, correcting and completing the fighters database, the venues database and also the corner men, judges, referees and announcers! With TB 2.5, you'll get the best database which TB ever provided!
  • The new fighter filter dialog lets you select which division, gender and era you want to see in your boxing universe. This way you'll get smaller game files which load faster
  • Rating records are being used more consistently in TB 2.5. Whenever you change the career stage for a fighter TB will create a new rating record for that career stage, based on the fighter's Prime rating. If a rating record for the career stage exists it will be used automatically. So you can always see which ratings are being used - no "hidden" ratings anymore
  • Use the new random fighter generator to generate fictional fighters! You can determine the number of men or women, the division, overall rating, career stage, career start year and nationality of the new fighters and assign them to groups all in a single step
  • You can now assign fighters to as many groups as you want. It's no longer limited to two groups!
  • We completely revamped the title/organization data: organization names may be max. 25 characters long now and an unlimited number of titles is allowed in a fight
  • The auto scheduler has a new filter feature "at least x days inactive" to select only fighters who didn't fight at least x days
  • TB 2.5 let's you be a judge! Enter a judge record and tick the "That's me" checkbox. After each round you'll be asked for your judgment!
  • The new mass edit dialog makes it easy to manage boxing universes. Select the fighters which you want to edit, open the dialog and define your changes. This way you can set fighters to active or retired, add to groups, remove from groups, set auto aging, link to data pool, set trainers or cut men, change career stage and more for selected fighters with a few mouse clicks
  • We've implemented a new overall rating value "0" to split the "1" rating into "0" and "1"
  • The folder structure has completely changed now. Firstly it's Vista-compatible now, all your data is now saved in "My Documents", so you'll not get in trouble with permissions on your computer. Secondly we have a "data pool" now where new universes pull all the data from. Everything is saved as editable XML files, one file per record. So you can create your own venues, corner men or whatever, export it into the data pool and share them with others!
  • The database tables are saved in a different way now to prevent issues with incomplete or broken corrupted files. TB 2.5 also makes backups whenever you save the database. The last 10 versions of each database will be saved automatically
  • Using the new command line parameters "ContinueUniverse=" and "ContinueCurrentUniverse" you can set up shortcuts to directly open each of your universes
  • In TB2, the performance points have been used for the new ranking method. Sometimes the fighters got negative performance points. That's gone now. Performance points and ratings are now separate issues. So we use the perfect ranking and the perfect performance points method in TB 2.5

Some of the many minor changes:

  • Added "user notes" to fighter biography page. You can save any notes for each fighter without editing the biography
  • Career stage of fighters with multiple rating records is highlighted in fighter list
  • New sortable column "Date of last fight" (Last F.) in fighter list
  • List of relevant titles of a fight is being displayed on history record screen
  • Added second weight field for fighters to enter the weight range
  • Split options screen into two screens "Game Options" and "Database Options"
  • We've completely replaced the DirectX-based graphics functions with own code. That fixed a lot of problems like the "black screen bug" and others.

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