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The Club

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: SEGA

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'The Club' (PS3/X360/PC) Location Details #4/5

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2008 @ 6:19 a.m. PST

The Club is a 3rd person action shooter that focuses on addictive and rewarding gameplay, testing your skills to the limit and offering a relentless pace with frantic, fast-paced gameplay with a unique style, tone and storyline that drips with energy, attitude and anarchy.

Only the most ruthless killers can join the underground elite known as The Club. From developer Bizarre Creations, The Club takes the explosive action of the shooter genre and blends it with break-neck speed of high-octane race titles to create a radically new kind of action experience. Players will blast through a secretive tournament known only as The Club, where the world’s rich and powerful watch merciless fighters test their skills. While highly trained and effectively brutal, most combatants find themselves forced to participate. The posse of urban warriors represents a variety of countries and backgrounds. They share almost nothing in common except for participating in the ultimate blood sport where the only reward is survival.

Players will choose between eight unique fighters, each with their own combat style and agendas, as they travel the globe in a series of visceral underground matches. In addition to a variety of single-player scenarios, The Club boasts an array of multiplayer options to satisfy even the most discerning action aficionado.

The Club mixes the best elements from action shooters with arcade accessibility, the pace of racing games and a story structure based on fighting games. Players will choose from a selection of characters to fight in a shadowy underground blood-sport controlled by a faceless, obscenely wealthy and influential elite – The Club. Each character has their own reason for risking their life to “beat” The Club. Some are driven by greed, some are driven by a higher purpose, and some are driven by pure insane bloodlust.

Environment Background


It could be Chicago’s Cabrini Green; it could be San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point, or South Central LA, or the South Bronx or Brooklyn’s East New York. Where it is doesn’t really matter. All that counts is what it is. A ghetto; a slum district; an urban DMZ; somewhere that’s long been considered more or less a free fire zone by the police and the rest of the city’s more fortunate citizens.

Now The Club are about to make that analogy a reality.

It isn’t difficult for them, not with their money and resources. Entire police departments can be ordered or bribed to stay away. Streets can be sealed off and inhabitants evacuated or scared off. Media blackouts can be imposed. Cover-up stories can be put in place to explain the gunfire and sealing-off of several square miles of American city streets, the current favourite involving a major anti-terrorist operation by the Department of Homelands Security, the details of which have to be kept secret for reasons of national security. Again, it’s not difficult, not when at least one member of The Club is a senior figure within the US government.

If proof of The Club’s power and influence is ever needed, then this is it; that, behind a veil of conspiracy and secrecy, they can mount a death sport tournament in the streets of one of America’s largest cities, without anyone outside The Club ever knowing anything about it.


In the post-Cold War era, almost anything seems possible. Military munitions and equipment are bought and sold on an international black market and stolen nuclear technology and bio-warfare weaponry are occasionally available. Much of this comes from the former Soviet Union, where large stockpiles remain hidden away and where cash now speaks louder than patriotism.

There are various members of The Club who are very much at home in this world, deeply involved in the traffic of illegal munitions and with excellent contacts throughout the military forces of the various republics of the former Soviet Union. It was through these contacts that The Club came to learn of the existence of the Bunker.

Built in the 1950s, as the threat of first-strike nuclear ICBM weapons started to become a reality and extended and added to for the next four decades of the Cold War, it is an enormous underground complex built into the side of a mountain in a remote area of the Urals, far from any town or city. As part of an extensive network of such bunkers built throughout the Soviet Union, it was intended as a refuge for the country’s military and political elite in the event of a nuclear war with the West. It’s also the single command point from where World War Three would be directed and facilitated with a supply of food, water and power that people could survive on for years if need be.

In the chaos of the break-up of the Soviet Union, the bunker and its location were largely forgotten and now not even the current rulers of the Kremlin know of its existence. The Club know about it, though, and have put it to use as an interesting new arena for their game, always bearing in mind that, if the worst should ever happen, the bunker could still be used for its original purpose.

The Soviet Union may be gone, but there are still problems facing the world and there will always be elites among us with an overpowering interest in ensuring their own survival.

Key Features

  • Each character in The Club flaunts a distinct style and background. Whether forced to participate or satisfying a simple bloodlust, each fighter brings something different to the roster.
  • Choose one of eight highly-trained fighters and blast through over 40 single-player levels. Choose from a variety of game modes and challenges, including: Time Attack, Survive, Siege and Run the Gauntlet.Compete in over eight lethal multiplayer modes, where the most battle-hardened fighters rule the leader boards. Local play offers four-player splitscreen.
  • Battle through eight distinct locations around the globe, including: war-torn cities, abandoned factories, steel mills and many more.
  • Advanced camera system intensifies the adrenaline rush through cinematic close-range and long-distance encounters. Players can also destroy and modify the environment to their advantage.
  • An exclusive score-based accumulation system creates rabid competition among players – high scores lead to new weapons, characters and maps.
  • The Club benefits from 17 high-powered assault weapons, including Sniper Rifles, High Caliber Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, Mounted Weapons, Automatic Weapons and more.

The Club will ship in North America in Feb. 8, 2008 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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