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'Warrior Quest' - Free Browser Based RPG Playable on PSP/Wii/PS3/PC

by Rainier on Feb. 29, 2008 @ 4:50 a.m. PST

Warrior Quest is a free browser based traditional RPG adventure, similar to classic games Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star, putting you in the role of a young, aspiring Battle Master.

The game, a traditional RPG adventure in a similar vein to classic games Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star, is a free browser based adventure that is set to grow and evolve continuously with new features scheduled to be added every month until the end of this year. The game has been optimized to run not just on home PCs and Macs but also Wii and PS3 with a PSP edition scheduled for launch before the end of March.

Warrior Quest is a magical adventure that places gamers in the role of a young, aspiring Battle Master. Battle through numerous quests in order to gain new skills, collect and trade Battle Cards, and unlock new areas of the map. New features, areas, and Battle Cards will be added to the game throughout the year meaning that there will always be a reason for gamers to return to Warrior Quest for another game, be it a short five minute session or one that lasts hours.

With the first build of the game now live the Warrior Quest development team have returned to working on the first expansion which will included a collection of new Battle Cards, new and revamped animations, and the first part of a new story mode. The first update for Warrior Quest is currently due on April 2nd. Future updates will follow every month from this.

Warrior Quest is the first in a series of new titles that will spearhead the recently re-launched website. It has always been the goal of to provide free content to home console, handheld console, and home computer gamers that explore new ways of storytelling. In addition to Warrior Quest an online graphic novel series, Dark Worlds, is also currently in the works and is due to launch in the coming weeks.

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