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Command and Destroy DS

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Cypron Studios

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'Command and Destroy DS' (NDS) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 4, 2008 @ 3:05 a.m. PST

Command and Destroy DS is a classic real-time strategy game in which you get to decide whether to play the role of the humans, defiantly standing up to the alien onslaught or whether you want to control the extra terrestrials hell-bent on the destruction of the human race.

Command and Destroy DS is a classic real-time strategy well known on PC platform such as Dune 2, Red Alert, KKnD or Starcraft. It offers all important features, well-known from PC real-time strategies, which guarantees maximum gameplay experience. (See KEY FEATURES below). Player acquires credits by exploitation of oil and uses them to build his army. By credits player can build new structures, new units and new technologies. It is up to player strategic planning and his choice tactics to defeat the enemy. Considering that player can produce many utilities with several functions there are numerous prospects of strategic planning and warfare strategy.

Command and Destroy is a war strategy taking place in the near future where there are two different armies standing against one another. Player is placed in charge of a leader of selected army with which he will gradually complete all missions and defeat opponent armies.

There are two modes of the game available: Campaign (Singleplayer) and Multiplayer.


Campaign is the story driven mode for one player. In this game mode you can choose your army. If you choose HUMANS you will stand against unknown unpredictable aliens seeking dominion over a planet colonised by Humans. Or you may choose to lead the ALIENS army, who have arrived from outer space and plan to invade the Colony. After choosing which side you wish to lead, you are ready for your first encounter with enemy.

Both sides have different armies with different campaigns. Each campaign contains 12 missions so there are a total of 24 singleplayer missions in the game that guarantees approx. 30 hours of pure game play.

For Campaign mode, we have created multiple type missions. Major parts of there are player’s all time favorites – gain resources – build army – vanquish your enemy. To put even more spice in there are going to be special type of missions such as escorting of convoy across enemy territory, protecting of a base under massive enemy attack or complete various task with a small number of soldiers.


The multiplayer game is designed for two players. Before the players may begin the game, they both have to select a map to play and the army they want to lead (HUMANS or ALIENS) type of the base (mobile or normal), differing amounts of the credits, technological levels, number of units on start (0, 3 ,6 or 9). Combinations of these assets offer hours and hours of ongoing gameplay.

In order to play in this mode, two Nintendo DS systems are required.

A major part of game playability lies in comfortable controls. The game is based on “point and click” type controls. With the first “click” a player can select a unit and with a second “click” can choose a target action. There are no popup menus to distract from the game experience. Command and Destroy automatically regards an action as a move or attack depending on the targeted area.

The game is spread over two screens, with one screen dedicated to user interface (UI) and the other screen is dedicated to the real-time battlefield. You can “touch” and “feel” the battlefield screen as well as the radar and production components located on the user interface. The UI and battlefield screens are swappable in-game at the touch of a button. Since the majority of players hold the Nintendo DS system in their left hand and the stylus in their right hand, by default, the L Button is used to swap between the screens. Left handed users can change this to be R Button in the options menu .

Top screen shows soldier training options and structures/units construction options. In order to construct any building you must build the construction yard for your army (HEADQUARTERS for humans, UFOBASE for Aliens). Consequently the User Interface displays all type of available buildings. In order to train a unit - Barracks for Humans or Breedpod for Aliens has to be built. It is possible to put upto six units into production by tapping the stylus or pressing A Button six times on the same item.

Features :

  • Humans vs Aliens. Decide which side to command each with their own 12 mission campaign.
  • The human and alien forces have different infantry, vehicles, facilities and heavy-duty weaponry at their disposal meaning that you'll have to adjust your tactics and playing style to suit the units under your command.
  • Build, maintain and defend your base from enemy attack. To do this you will have to raise credits by refining oil and then make decisions about where to spend your hard earned credits.
  • Strategic management of infantry, facilities and vehicles is essential for a successful campaign. This puts you in absolute control of your army and its ultimate destiny.
  • WIFI Multiplayer
  • Over 50 units and buildings

Command and Destroy will be available in stores in March 14, 2008.

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