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'MotorStorm 2' (PS3) Announced - Trailer

by Rainier on March 12, 2008 @ 11:59 a.m. PDT

SCEA officially revealed Motorstorm 2, featuring 16 new multi-route tracks, head-to-head online for up to 16 players, and 4-player split-screen mode. MotorStorm 2 is moving from the rugged desert to a lush Pacific island with all of the vehicles familiar of the first game (ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, etc.), while adding a new monster truck class.

Get the Motorstorm 2 [PS3] Trailer off WP (49mb)

The MotorStorm style of anything-goes racing is moving from the mountainous desert to a lush Pacific island, replete with thick swamps, dense jungle, towering peaks and steaming volcanoes. You’ll be rampaging through thick mud, tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, and searing lava pools of this new location with all of the vehicles familiar to players of the first MotorStorm: ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers and Big Rigs. Joining the cast is the new monster truck class, likely to become a fan favorite.

MotorStorm 2 will feature 16 new multi-route tracks, 16 players can race head-to-head online, and 4-player split-screen mode.

Exclusively for PS3, MotorStorm 2 is coming this fall.

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