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Brash Entertainment Signs Multi-Game Development Deal With Factor 5

by Rainier on March 13, 2008 @ 7:37 a.m. PDT

After it signed an agreement with Game Republic yesterday, Brash Entertainment today announced a game development deal with California-based game development studio, Factor 5 to develop a yet unnamed title scheduled for 2010, which will be officially announced around the E3 Expo in July.

In addition to creating the multi-million selling Star Wars: Rogue Squadron franchise, Indiana Jones, Contra: The Alien Wars, Lair and the classic Turrican franchise, Factor 5 is well respected for driving the technology of games. Factor 5 was a technology partner in the development of Nintendo's Wii and GameCube consoles, provider of the MusyX sound tools, partner in the Sony PlayStation 3 Edge toolset group, and has pioneered many technological advancements in the areas of audio and visuals in video games in collaboration with Dolby Labs, THX, and AMD/ATI.

"We do our due diligence on potential partners; we want to understand their in-house tech, and get to know their team and its capabilities. Factor 5 has a solid track record in creating licensed games that, in combination with their technology expertise, makes them an ideal partner," said Mitch Davis. "But what really cemented the collaboration was their passion for the IP and the world in which the game will live. Because that's when you are going to get really good games -- when the people who are making it are really enjoying the process."

"Typically, there are two issues developers have with making a licensed game. First, they tend to have shorter development cycles. Second, there are often very tight constraints on how you can portray the world of the IP, its characters and story. The resulting lack of creative freedom can be very frustrating -- especially when it's a world you are excited to explore," said Julian Eggebrecht, President and Co-founder of Factor 5. "But collaborating with Brash is much different, we're already working on a title that is more than two years out, and because the filmmaker is a game fan who is really excited about how we want to expand on the story of the film, we've been given a lot of latitude. It's been really fun to dig deep into this universe."

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