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War Rock

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: K2 Network
Developer: Dream Execution
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2007

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'War Rock' Gets New Two Maps and New 4vs4 Mode

by Rainier on March 14, 2008 @ 12:02 a.m. PDT

War Rock, developed by Dream Execution, is an online FPS game in the style of EA's Battlefield 2, allowing you to experience online battlefields on a large scale, supporing vechicles for land, sea and air.

War Rock is a military tactical first person shooter (FPS), featuring state of the art weapons, team or solo based play and unbelievable missions and maps! Provided as Free to Download and Free2Play, players have the option to purchase access to a wide variety of game play enhancing items and services - or play the game as it is without ever paying a dime! With five different character classes to master, gamers can play individually or in a team, and participate in multiple types of gameplay ranging from Free-For-All death matches to team battles utilizing powerful war vehicles.

4v4 Deathmatch: The 4v4 Deathmatch mode is for intense, fast paced missions where small groups of seasoned veterans battle for supremacy. Teamwork and communication is the key to victory in this mode of play

New Maps

  • Operation: Red Clover: A small, tactical assault team from the Derbaran Military has been sent into the N.I.U. controlled stronghold at a remote desert oasis. Featuring tight quarters and limited cover, the team with the best reaction times and communication will prevail.
  • Operation: Cold Cave: Even underneath the cities of Derbaran, the civil war rages on. Derbaran troops must assault the N.I.U. defending position in the subway system where they are gathering supplies for a massive strike against Derbaran. Fighting from train car to train car, only the most elite soldiers have a chance at survival

Intense with action and competition, War Rock is populated by thousands of players at any given time in servers all over the world. With a wide variety of customizable weaponry and vehicles, intuitive controls, and multiple battle modes, War Rock is a blast for seasoned FPS veterans and first-timers alike.

5 modes of Play

  1. Close Quarters Combat - Smaller maps whereby the missions from each team are to set detonations at strategic points and completely eliminate the opposing team. Play at your own risk as no respawn points exist until each scenario has completed!
  2. Urban Ops - Providing only strategically placed vehicles, the real fighting in this mode takes place on the front lines with foot soldiers, snipers and man to man combatants! Medium and Large size maps make for perfect battlegrounds while the ultimate objective is to neutralize your enemy and minimize their claim to mapped territory!
  3. Battle Group- Vast expansive maps lead way towards some of the most exciting battles yet! While players are certainly permitted to play on foot, the use of highly armored and finely tuned military vehicles will be the preferred method for players traversing the widespread maps in this mode. Take control of the map and eliminate opposing forces by land, by sea and by air!
  4. Free For All - Free for All is a fast-paced, cutthroat death match where each soldier is his, or her, own army. In this mode, the one and only objective is to score more kills than every other player in the room!
  5. Conquest - Conquest is a team-based battle where teams fight for control of a map. The more flags you capture, the faster you win. The action goes back and forth as every flag on the map has the potential to be captured. Close in on your enemy and wipe them out, or you may be surrounded and suffer the ultimate defeat.

Character Customization

5 strategic character classes to tailor your combat strengths:

  1. Engineer - Always a must have when using armored vehicles! Standard equipment includes Colt 45, MP5 and Spanner. Primary function is to repair and maintain vehicles.
  2. Medic - Through healing wounded team members, this unit can make or break success of each mission. Standard equipment includes Colt 45, MP5 and Medic Kit. Primary function is to provide medical aid as needed.
  3. Sniper - Infiltrate enemy lines and secure rooftop positions for prime Sniper kills. Standard equipment includes Colt 45, M24 and K400 Grenade. Primary function is to provide information on enemy units and long distance cover fire.
  4. Assault - The front line of any squad! Be prepared for gut wrenching action and split second reaction times! Standard equipment includes Colt 45, K2 and K400 Grenade. Primary function is to provide close range combat and support for other branches.
  5. Heavy Trooper - Usually called in to take out the big guns! This unit is essential to effectively neutralize the heavy artillery of the enemy side. Standard equipment includes Colt 45, Panzerfaust and TMA-1A Landmine. Primary function is to immobilize enemy vehicles and armor.

Constantly upgraded game and community content

  1. Live Events - New exciting contests and events run weekly!
  2. Clan Matching Service - Revolutionary Web-based service makes it easy to jump right into battle!
  3. Website based scoring system -Ranks you against players worldwide! Battle your way towards being ranked #1!
  4. Premium Content Updates - Players look forward to new exclusive maps, weapons, items and features.
  5. Tournaments - Does your team have what it takes to be the best? Form a clan and compete against other clans from around the world. Compete for fun, prizes and the right to be called War Rock's top rated clan!

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