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Football Manager 2008

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sports Interactive

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'Football Manager 2008' - Updated v8.0.2 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on March 18, 2008 @ 2:16 a.m. PDT

Football Manager 2008 will be fully updated for the new season and allow players to select their favorite club or international team and guide them to glorious success by putting them through Cup matches, Leagues, Euro Championships and even major international tournaments, with over 5,000 playable teams from over 50 countries.

Get the Football/World Wide Soccer Manager 2008 v8.0.2 Patch off WP (180mb)

Changes for 8.0.2


- Injured players will not get offered out on loan by parent clubs
- Human gets taken to the competition news screen on big events such as yearly award news items
- Ensured AI replaces overage captains promptly
- When Hearts play Hibs, both teams can now play in their first kits.
- Awards news no longer always refers to manager award winners and runners-up as having "nothing to choose between them"
- Stopped duplicate player appearing in Best Eleven if the same player is loaned twice by the club
- Stopped players being unahppy when an international captain is replaced following his retirement
- Fixed post match key man watch comments not mentioning player being injured/sent off/subbed etc
- Changed turkish regens to always be turkish by first nationality and have small chance of a specific second nationality
- Added new possible second nationalities for players born in England
- Tuned retirements of young players without a contract but part of the national squad
- Tweaked down grey player CA at the low end for non active teams
- Team records now processed for international friendlies.
- Stopped various Feeder links getting cancelled when they shouldn't be.


- Can no longer choose American All Star teams when creating a tour in USA.
- In a network game, a user is now kept on a team screen if he was using it before the game was continued by another user. Before, the user was always forced to view a new screen.
- Removed code from U18 contract offer screen.
- Removed "Most Team Points" from Competition Summary screen for Cup Comps
- Changing to a saved team selection would sometimes not show players picked that were in the reserve or youth team.
- Fixed filter flickering on and off on the notes section when it was changed.
- "Information" section for clubs would sometimes showed a number instead of an informative string.
- Double clicking on the last word in an edit box wouldn't select the right text.
- Fixed some match colour clash problems.
- The selected row highlight doesn't disappear when changing player instructions outside a match.
- The advisor would sometimes be disabled by default.
- Fixed window not maximizing properly in large monitors.
- Calendar quick link did not work in some situation where the manager was an international manager.
- Calendar quick link button is now always available (regardless of if manager is unemployed or not).
- The advisor quick link button is now disabled if there are no advisors for the current screen, or if advisors are disabled.
- Fixed bottom half of the player comparison screen not being visible in some rare situations.
- The name of the saved game is correctly translated on the game status screen when changing languages and the game hasn't been saved for the first time yet.
- 'Return' and 'Enter' will complete wizard dialogs such as Start New Game and Add New Manager.
- The Player Search quick link button works if manager is international manager.
- Sorting the player history achievements list then selecting a different team/year now displays the correct details below.
- The player profile on the competition player stats section now displays the birth date and age rather than just the number (for age) without any text.
- Captain player reaction strings now show for non-first team squads.


- Double-clicking on a player on the tactics pitch that was substituted on now works (shows the player instructions).
- Goalkeeper "distribute to" instruction now works for players substituted on and doesn't always reset to "None".
- Player instruction "Swap position" works correctly with player substituted on during a match.
- Fixed various inconsistencies in the "Specific marking" drop-down menu.
- Paolo Maldini would always show up with a morale of "Unknown" during a match - this is fixed.
- Fixed "Swap position" of some players not always being updated correctly when swapping players around during a match.
- When using the squad list on "Tactics" to change player instructions, the default values for certain instructions were the first possible value rather than the normal default value.
- Player instructions or team instructions could sometimes be lost from the tactic when saving your team selection and restoring it.
- Player names on the match lineup pitch was sometimes obscured by the player behind (with certain formations).
- Fixed slight graphics glitch on the "remove" button on set piece taker panels (such as penalty takers).
- Text would overrun onto "Instructions" button if the name of the tactic was too long or if the team name was too long for the team instructions view.
- The arrow to close/open the mini-pitch on tactics during a match now has a larger catchment area.

Board Confidence

- Fixed issue whereby some loan signings wouldn't be judged on the confidence 'signings' section.
- Fixed issue where some loan signings were being judged on thier previous club's outings


- Tuned down the ticket prices for friendlies involving reserve/youth teams
- Adjusted non-player wage requests to consider current wages and not to ask for unnecessarily huge raises
- Adjusted the board limitations on the budget adjustments and made it easier for smaller teams to move smaller amounts between budgets
- Adjusted general finances in the German leagues
- Adjusted ticket prices, wages and general finances in the Turkish leagues
- Adjusted collective win bonuses for smaller competitions based on the competition prize money
- Adjusted financial conditions before deciding to build a new stadium
- Disabled the payment of club collective win bonuses to b-teams playing in active competitions
- Disabled the payment of club collective win bonuses for competitions between only 3 teams (some Italian cups)
- Fixed some sponsorships setup in the DB not showing up right at the start of the game
- Tighter board control on signing extra coaches beyond recommended limits

International Management

- Improved AI international squad selection (fixes issues with not enough youngsters progressing at national level and older players winning too many caps)
- Fixed bug where if you were managing an international youth side and looked to organise a friendly with a national side, it would allow you to pick the full national team rather than the team at your equivalent level.
- Ensured players with an international retirement date set in the db retire from international football at the right time
- Stopped news about first game in charge for national managers when taking over a club side as well
- Fixed rare issue with players being declared 'dropped from squad' for their previous nation when they have since started playing for a different nation

Manager Interaction

- Stop human being allowed to release comment referring to another manager's ability to get his team promoted when that team has already won promotion.
- Allowed manager to view PR text reasons on the player's profile.

News items

- Fixed rare player_bio string where a player's total club appearances were mentioned incorrectly
- Fixed instance of news saying player signed new deal until January 1900.
- Fixed news item regarding AI manager watching a potential signing when he is already a future transfer/has signed a transfer deal already.
- Fixed missing headline on competition news panel if the game was won by a team as higher seed.

Player Unhappiness

- Stopped players maoning for too long about competition for places when they are playing regular football.


- Adjusted checks for not allowing U18 players to transfer abroad.
- Fixed another issue todo with boards accepting offer which are a bit too low, behind the managers back.
- Stopped AI teams from poaching staff in the first couple of months of the game starting when transfer budgets have been disabled.
- Stopped being able to sign very elite players really cheaply due to their asking price wrapping and going negative.
- Fixed news item claiming the player's current club are favourites to sign him when receiving a bid for a player who has already been offered in a part exchange deal
- Loan transfer offers are now cancelled correctly at the end of the transfer deadline day.
- Fixed bug where cancelled transfers stayed in the transfer centre infinitely.
- U18 players can now be transfered between two EU based clubs again.


- Fixed long pause when going to club scouting section after resigning from national job


- Ensured teams who are restricted to x amount of transfers in a single window, don't count contract renewals.


- Adjusted the attendances in matches involving reserve/b/youth teams
- Adjusted the chances of foreign b-teams accepting friendlies due to great difference between parent club reputations
- Adjusted the general chances of foreign teams accepting friendlies
- Fixed news item sometimes incorrectly highlighting which players are in and out of continental squads


- Asian Champion League games no longer clash with international fixtures.


- Overall stage history is no longer recorded for the Premier Division.
- Added the correct Second Division schedule.


- Corrected suspension in all Australian competitions.


- Belgium Cup no longer stops running when running the First Division only in view only mode.
- Teams can now name 7 subs on the bench in the Belgian Cup from the last 32 round.
- Added the correct schedule for the Belgian Second Division Promotion Play-off stage.
- Lierse are no longer automatically relegated in the first season.


- Fixed incorrect Brazilian Third Division dates.
- Fixed teams set in the database being used for qualification to Copa Libertadores when you start in Dec/2006.
- Updated São Paulo State Championship Prize Money.


- Fixed incorrect Bulgarian cup draw dates.
- Teams from correct regions are now promoted from lower divisions.
- Updated TV revenue for Bulgarian "B" Groups and improved tv game selection.


- Fixed fixture clash on 7th June 2008 between the Chinese Super League and Asian World Cup qualifiers.
- Fixed wrong number of teams getting relegated from First Division in 2009 (should be 2 teams and not 1).


- Corrected the Croatian Cup schedule.


- Added the Cotonou agreement to Denmark.
- Non-EU U18 players age checked is based on the players birthday rather than on the start date of the Danish season.


- Extra time now played in the Final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy.
- Johnstone's Paint Trophy games now kick off at 1945.
- Added loan restrictions for the Blue Square North and South divisions.
- Removed the rule saying the match will go to a replay for cup replay games.
- Only two games are shown on tv for the first two rounds of the FA Cup.
- Added AFC Bournemouths and Luton Towns 10 point deduction.
- Made sure FC Hayes, Farnborogh and Solihull Moors can play in the FA Cup from the first season.
- Fixed fixture pile up the Blue Square Premier League in April 2012.
- All play-off games are televised for the Championship, League One, League Two and the Blue Square Premier divisions.
- 7 subs allowed for Premiership from 2008/09 season.


- Fixed incorrect Champions League, Uefa Cup, Quarter and Semi Final Draw date.


- Finnish Cup final now played at Finnair Stadium.


- Seven subs can now be named in the French Cup for Ninth round onwards.


- B teams no longer take part in the German Cup from the 2008/09 season onwards.
- B teams no longer can be promoted into the Second Division.
- Main teams and B teams no longer can be in the same division.
- Improved team allocation in the regional divisions.
- B teams can now be promoted from the regional divisions.
- Regional Division games no longer clash with the First round of the German Cup.
- Added seating capacity restrictions to the German Third Division.
- Restricted the number of B teams to 4 that can be promoted to the Third Division in the first season.
- Moved one game for TV in the German Third Division.
- Correct distribution of prize money in the German League Cup.


- Cypriot players are no longer classed as foreign in the Greek leagues.
- Can now register players from the 1st July again.
- Greek Cup winner always qualifies for EURO Cup.
- Fourth round of the Greek Cup no longer goes to a replay.


- Stopped the European/Relegation play-off games from clashing with european fixtures.

Hong Kong

- Reserve league match squads must have at least 5 players under 20.
- Hong Kong C now participate in Reserve League of Hong Kong.


- Fixed subsitution rules in the league cup and first division.
- Made sure the correct teams enter into the correct league cup after the league expansion.
- Correct teams play each other in the quarter finals of the Upper League Cup.
- Relaxed work permit rules.
- Season odds, pitch dimension selection and team win bonus news items are now generated.


- If a lower division team wins the Irish First division relegation playoff, it is now always promoted.
- Fixed Irish Champions Leaue representatives not featuring in the All Ireland Cup when Ireland is not active.
- Fixed number of Irish Premier Division rounds as from 2009, should be 4 and not 3.


- News item now reports you've qualified for the Quarter Final of the Premier Toto Cup after the group stage.


- Worst team(s) in regular season now play at home first in Serie C playoffs.
- Improved range of neutral venues for Coppa Italia final.


- Malaysian players are not treated as foreign at DPMM.
- Added special transfer rules for Malaysia U19.


- Bans now apply straight away in Portugues league competitions.
- Stopped the League Cup Final clashing with international games.
- Improved the TV games for the Bwin Liga.

Republic of Ireland

- Fixed a crash in the Munster Senior Cup caused by a Munster team getting relegated from the Irish First Division.


- Second League match squads should now have to contain two U19 players.
- Updated the initial TV revenue for First League teams.
- Added correct winter transfer window.


- Stopped fixture clash between the Russian Premier Division and the European Championship Qualifiers.


- League Cup games no longer clash with European Championship Qualifiers.

South America

- Lowest seeded team plays at home in the first leg of the Libertadores Final.

South Korea
- Removed the foreign restriction rule for the All-star game.


- Fixed bug where teams that promoted from 2nd Division (Liga BBVA) to 1st Division, don't play in the Spanish Cup.
- Fixed some issues where some senior players weren't being registered


- Fixed some dates for the Super Cup and the Super League.
- Updated Super Cup venue.
- Fixed end of season loans in Turkey ending before last game of season.
- Premier Division clubs can now register a total of 8 foreign players (instead of 7 previously).
- Corrected Turkish Cup prize money.
- Premier Division now uses 6 foreign players in first 11 rule, 8 in full match squad.
- Premier Division teams must include at least one U23 player in their 18-man match day squad.

United States

- MLS conference playoffs now play the right teams against each other.
- Fixed bug where some players were getting offered £60k a week.
- Long term injured players not now waived on squad registration dates.


- Added new Ukrainian Cup format.


- Corrected the First Division, Second Division and Liguilla schedules.
- Stopped inappropriate news item when you win the Opening Stage of the league.

World Club Championship

- Added extra time to all rounds except the Third Place play-off game.
- Suspensions are now used in the World Club Championship.


- Stopped Macau from hosting international competitions.
- Fixed international news item saying an injured player would miss a game against the team he has just played against
- Fixed international assistant manager occasionally reporting opposing players unavailable when really they are available
- Increased USA chance of playing in the Copa America.
- Over 23 players can only player in the Olympics but not the qualifying games.
- Improved the teams selected to play in the U20 World Cup from Africa and Asia.
- Only one nation from a continent can be drawn into the same group in the U20 World Cup (except when a European nation is the host).
- Teams in the Asian Cup Qualifiers no longer select players whos clubs are playing in the Asian Champions League.

Football Manager 2008 is currently available in Europe/North America (Worldwide Soccer Manager), and Spain.

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