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'Grand Chase' Adds New Items, Missions, Events, And More ...

by Rainier on March 21, 2008 @ 3:58 a.m. PDT

Grand Chase is an MMORPG that follows the lives of different heroes from the Bermesiah continent fighting alongside each other in several different game modes to defeat the evil Queen of Darkness. A new content update adds new items, missions, events, first playable male character, related content and more...

Ronan, the Spell Knight, Joins the Chase!

In the most recent content update to the exclusive Action MMO Brawler, Grand Chase, a new face has come to join the forces of good, the Grand Chase Knights, and marks the addition of the first playable male character for the game! The new character, Ronan, is a Spell Knight, a formidable warrior who is skilled in both magical and melee combat! Using a combination of mystical skills and his astounding prowess with a blade, Ronan stands as an impressive addition to the Knights. Players who wish to add Ronan to their ongoing and increasing roster of playable characters need simply to acquire the Premium Ronan Mission from Grand Chase's in-game Shop. The mission can be purchased with either in-game currency or through the use of Ntreev Cash Points. The Premium Ronan Mission can be found within the in-game Shop under the Academy tab.

The Grand Chase Knights, Ronan, Is Getting New Exclusive Missions!

In the previous patch and content update for Grand Chase, Ntreev USA brought the game's first new male, playable character to the online action title! This new character, named Ronan, who is extremely proficient in both melee and magical combat, has been a smash hit with players. Ronan's obvious superior abilities have now been well-tested in PVP matches of every kind, but it is time for Ronan to truly prove himself as a real Grand Chase Knight! With the newest content update for Grand Chase, Ronan will now have a host of new, exclusive missions available to him. These new missions, will put Ronan to the test against the forces of Evil that are threatening to overtake the world of Grand Chase. A total of fifty-nine separate missions are now available for players who wish to test Ronan's mettle!

Fight the Forces of Evil With New Items and Equipment!

Also in this newest addition to Grand Chase, a veritable stockpile of new gear equipment, items, accessories and more are now available to the Knights to help them combat the forces of evil! New items, and equipment are now released for all playable characters including, Ronan the Spell Knight, Arme the Mage, Elesis the Warrior, and Lire the Archer and may be attained separately or in 'sets.' Complete armor and equipment sets, such as the Bunny Spell Knight, Spell Knight Raider, Fire Strike, Dolmen Spell Knight, Kanavan Royal Guard, Elite Roman, Mage's Raider, Archer's Raider, Aqua Armor, Pirate Knight, Pirate Archer, Pirate Mage, Knight's Viking, Archer's Viking and Mage's Viking sets are now available for all Grand Chase players! These new, fantastic items and equipment sets can be attained through Grand Chase's in-game Shop and can be purchased with either in-game currency or real world cash, via Ntreev Cash Points depending on availability and every player's personal style and preference.

Higher Levels Make Better Grand Chase Knights!

Beginning March 19th and continuing to April 14th, Ntreev USA will be running a new Event for all Grand Chase Knights! In this new four week long event, players will be challenged to raise one of the four playable characters five levels. Each playable character will have a specific week designated to them. During that specified week, every player who is able to raise the appropriate playable character a total of five levels will be eligible for fantastic in-game prizes! A new character will be announced every week on the official Grand Chase website, and every player who is able to successfully raise all four characters five levels during the Event will receive a special exclusive prize!

Join The Chase, Save The World!

Grand Chase is a fast-paced, heart-pounding action brawler that combines elements of traditional RPG character advancement and customization, and adds new cooperative and competitive elements for players who aren't afraid to put their brawling skills to the test! Grand Chase raises the bar for free-to-play online gaming; setting itself apart from the pack with superior quality, design and execution. Grand Chase is title unlike any other and is poised to make its mark on the North American, English market!

Grand Chase Features:

  • Grand Chase is a multiplayer Action RPG with a refined, in-depth fighting system
  • Ranging from archer to spearman, choose from 5 different unique characters and 14 different jobs, each with their own set of skills and unique fighting style
  • Simple, keyboard based controls that characters can easily use to combine skills and perform unique combo/juggle attacks
  • Special 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade abilities with breathtaking graphical effects
  • Customize characters through a wide selection of powerful weapons, armors, and accessories,
  • Experience the innovative and exciting multiplayer modes that immerses the player in non-stop action such as: Quest mode, Player versus Player, Monster Battle, Monster Expedition mode and a lot more!

The North American release of Grand Chase is not only the most enhanced and upgraded version of the game available in the English market, it is also a completely different and unique title that pushes the boundaries of traditional online gaming fare. A fully realized fantasy world sets the stage for high adventure and epic action as players join the forces of the Grand Chase Knights to fight the evil Kaze'aze and protect not only the land of Bermesiah, but the entire world!

This completely Free-to-Play, five-star title is being brought to North America for the first time ever, through online game publisher Ntreev USA, Inc.

Players who think they have the skills needed to battle the forces of evil and protect the land of Bermesiah by becoming Knights of Grand Chase should immediately go to the official Grand Chase website, and Join the Chase to Save the World!

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