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Gearbox Software Signs In-Game Ads Deal With Double Fusion

by Rainier on March 25, 2008 @ 5:08 a.m. PDT

Double Fusion and Gearbox Software announced that they have entered into an advertising partnership which will provide Gearbox with technology to support dynamic advertising in upcoming Gearbox games, and will represent both dynamic advertising and integrated sponsorship opportunities in those games.

“Double Fusion is committed to working with game companies across the full spectrum of gaming, from hardcore to casual, and in connecting advertisers to their gaming audiences in a way that is appropriate and adds value to gamers,” said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO, Double Fusion. “Gearbox is one of the gold standard developers focused on the highest production value titles targeted at core gamers, and we’re very excited to be working with them.”

Gearbox Software is known for its catalogue of successful games in the Half-Life, Counterstrike and Brothers in Arms franchises. The developer also recently announced the game Borderlands, a much-anticipated title expected to launch in the holiday 2008 season.

“Double Fusion is a successful trail-blazer in the race to connect advertisers with interactive entertainment audiences,” said David Eddings, VP of Licensing, Gearbox Software. “We’re incredibly focused on authenticity and we believe our partnership with Double Fusion and their advertising partners will allow our game worlds to have all the plausibility of the real world. The advertisers, in turn, bring value that will enable us to invest even more in creating the best possible video game experiences.”

The companies will work together to ensure that all advertising programs are appropriate and add value to the gamers’ experience.

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