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Pacific Storm: Allies

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Buka
Developer: Lesta

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'Pacific Storm: Allies' - v1.52 UK Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 25, 2008 @ 4:45 p.m. PDT

Pacific Storm: Allies the allies of the main factions, American and Japanese, come into conflict. Powerful Germany will join Japan forces to fight against England, Australia and USSR. New units to construct, new historical locations to visit and a brand new version of the engine that brings better graphics than ever.

Get the Pacific Storm: Allies v1.52 UK Patch off WP (10mb)

Pacific Storm: Allies - 1.52 Patch Changelog

  • Fixed performance issues on the strategic level of the game;
  • Fixed CTDs during switching game modes;
  • Fixed errors in save files on tactical level of the game (AA guns problem);
  • Fixed CTDs in game's configuration on some combination of hardware and video drivers;
  • Fixed CTDs when loading non-binary save files;
  • Fixed CTDs after loss of formation of certain type in the strategic level of the game;
  • Fixed CTDs with returning large number of aircraft to the strategic level of the game;
  • Fixed CTDs when you select a building to attack in auto-battle.

Pacific Storm: Allies - 1.4 Patch Changelog

Warning! In order to launch the patched game, you might need to update your DirectX first.

Warning! We discovered that certain versions of K-Lite Codec Pack make the game unstable, causing crashes during video playback, errors in post-render processing effects, object texture disappearance, along with spontaneous terminations during the game, leading to CTDs. To avoid the problem, try switching off video playback and post-render effects in game settings, or launch the K-Lite Codec Pack uninstall procedure.


[ + Improvement added ]
[ * Feature fixed/modified ]
[ - Error fixed ]

Strategic part:

1. [-] Fixed a number of errors causing the game to crash during auto battle or while switching to a strategic level after a tactic battle is over.
2. [-] Fixed the error with autosave right after a saved game is loaded.
3. [-] Fixed the error with declaring war on attack close to a neutral base.
4. [-] Fixed random game crash after the successful end of campaign.
5. [*] Changes to the diplomacy balance.
6. [-] Fixed the error with repeating names while viewing dependent technologies in the research order window.
7. [*] Trading similar resources restricted.
8. [-] Fixed the error causing AI-controlled units to ignore the given orders after saving and reloading a game state.
9. [-] Fixed the error of game crash on loading an autosaved game.
10. [-] Fixed the problem with the game freezing after certain saved games are loaded.
11. [-] Fixed the crash on right-clicking at the map after the selected group is lost (i.e. during the combat).
12. [-] Fixed the crash in the arcade mode, when a group attached to a ship for transporting is selected in the cargo window.
13. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases when a group is extended.
14. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases when a governmental task is given.
15. [*] Enemy AI improved and made more aggressive.
16. [-] After a new game is started, the diplomacy window no longer contains pacts made in the previous game.
17. [+] In manufacture, technology research and building construction windows, a mouse click on an icon puts on hold or resumes the production/construction/research, while the click when the Alt key is held modifies the “priority”.
18. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases during an auto battle.

Tactical part:


1. [*] Fixed and rebalanced damage systems of the following ships, torpedo boats and submarines: Iowa, Benson, Evarts, Shimushu, Hunt, Elco, Zaandam, Hokoku-Maru, Canonesa, Cormoran, Fletcher, Bismarck, PikeV, Eclipse, Narvick, De Ruyter, Kalinin, Tribal, Otsu-Gata, I-400, Kagero, Myoko, Nagato, Yamato, Lexington, Casablanca, Cleveland, Colorado, Essex, Gato, Cimarron, Kazahaia, Mogami, Taiho, Zuikaku.
2. [*] Added the influence of modification elements on protection of pilots and fuel tanks.
3. [-] Fixed the problem with planes reloading on aircraft carriers.
4. [-] Fixed racks of the following British planes: Ventura, Catalina, TBF - now the planes can carry British torpedoes.
5. [*] Fixed firing angles of I-400 submarine.
6. [*] Fixed firing angles of rear guns of German destroyers.
7. [-] Battleship Colorado will no longer open fire from its medium-caliber board guns.
8. [-] Fixed the appearance of loading cranes for the following ships: Baltimore, Bismarck, Colorado, De Ruyter , Yamato.
9. [*] Health bars now display unit state more adequately.
10. [-] Ju-87 and Ju-88 are no longer classified as scout planes.
11. [*] In direct control mode, ships now launch torpedoes one after one, not in a salvo.
12. [*] The possibility of ammo detonation now varies for different units.
13. [-] Fixed racks of the following planes: Ar-196, Ar-234, Bf.109, British F2A2, Nederland F2A2, F5U, FW-190, Ju-88, Nederland OS2U, Soviet OS2U.
14. [-] Fixed the error with “ghost” bombs, remaining in bays after the entire load is dropped.


1. [*] B5N no longer acts like a diving bomber while using bombs.
2. [*] Fixed the attack algorithm for AI attacks on the player’s base.
3. [-] Fixed the error making planes taking off from a carrier land on another one right away.
4. [*] Fixed the attack algorithm for torpedo boats.
5. [*] Fixed the depth charge attack algorithm for planes.
6. [*] Modified the algorithm of torpedo and bomb release for planes.
7. [-] The planes of I-400 submarine carrier no longer collide with the carrier on landing.
8. [-] AI of dive bombers now opens the bays in advance before dropping bombs.
9. [*] Fixed the anti-sinking measures algorithm for ships.
10. [+] Bombers now are able to pick targets amongst base structures independently.
11. [*] After landing on a carrier, planes are now refueled automatically.
12. [*] The number of planes a carrier can accept is now limited.


1. [-] Fixed errors in Night Raid mission.
2. [-] Fixed messages in several missions.
3. [*] In second tutorial mission, enemy carriers no longer attempt to escape.
4. [-] Fixed errors in first tutorial mission during the damage system demo.
5. [-] Fixed errors in some mission scripts causing the game to crash.
6. [*] In Prince of Wales mission, American ships and planes are replaced with British units.
7. [-] Fixed crashes in several missions using timed events.
8. [-] Fixed the problem with planes reload in missions.
9. [*] Fixed and re-balanced “Allies join the War” mission.


1. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on varying arcade mode settings for different players.
2. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in some cases on sinking a ship.
3. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in some cases on modifying the detail level settings.
4. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on destroying a plane that was viewed in tracking camera mode.
5. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on co-op completion of the mission where Prince of Wales must be sank, when reinforcements appear.
6. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in the network planner when reinforcements are called in, for the case where the zone contains sinking ships placed.
7. [+] Added new maps for network play in the planner: Guam, Hollandio, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Kieta, Kupang, Kwajalein, Leyte, Midway, Attu, Batavia, Darwin, Davao.


1. [-] Fixed the display of sea-bed on map Kota Bharu.
2. [*] Lighting tuned.
3. [*] Fixed the textures of the following planes: Lancaster, Walrus, and Vampire.
4. [*] The intensity of post-render effects decreased.
5. [-] Fixed the error of wrong water surface display for latest drivers by nVidia.


1. [*] Aircraft machine-gun sounds no longer mix into a buzzing cacophony during intense fire.
2. [*] Pilots’ “talkativeness” is decreased.


1. [-] Ships on “Ocean” map now can retreat.
2. [*] Several tactical maps were fixed.
3. [-] Fixed the data on destroyed structures in the statistics window shown after a battle.
4. [-] Fixed the display of loaded torpedo amount.
5. [-] Missiles launched from guides no longer crash buildings nearby.
6. [-] Fixed the error with non-stopping fire when autopilot is engaged.

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