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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence

Platform(s): PC, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Telltale Games
Release Date: Sept. 25, 2007 (US), Oct. 5, 2007 (EU)

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'CSI: Hard Evidence' - v1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 27, 2008 @ 9:14 a.m. PDT

Ubisoft's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence is an all-new video game in the Crime Scene Investigation franchise based on the characters and storylines from the original hit CSI television series.

Get the CSI 4: Hard Evidence v1.1 Patch off WP (4mb)

v1.1 Fixes

  • The handheld vacuum was scaled to the correct size in the Case 4 garage.
  • A Popup explaining how to change Gameplay Settings is now triggered by collecting the red fibers in Case 1.
  • Fixed problem with disappearing back button for some users in the evidence viewer.
  • Fixed an issue in case 2 where the review would not trigger for some users.
  • In Case 4 fixed having to disassemble and re-assemble the taillight to complete the puzzle with the final piece.
  • Fixed a logic issue with the bullets in case 5.
  • In case 1, the player can no longer analyze the turpentine can when he should not be able to.

Developed by Telltale Games, CSI: Hard Evidence will continue the crime-solving experience of Ubisoft’s CSI video game series. Players will join Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows and the rest of the Las Vegas cast to help solve crimes using realistic techniques and lab equipment. CSI: Hard Evidence features forensic reconstructions and atmospheric crime scenes taken directly from the television show, including an all-new garage lab for analyzing large evidence such as cars and boats, improved evidence gathering, review and lab mini-games, and more areas to explore, resulting in longer play experiences.

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