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Dark Sector

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Digital Extreme

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'Dark Sector' (PS3/X360) Achievements and Entitlements Revealed

by Rainier on March 9, 2008 @ 5:25 a.m. PDT

Dark Sector is a new and original next-gen action-thriller, developed by Digital Extreme. A dark, gritty experience packed with fast action, incredible superpowers and an engaging story. Sent on a dangerous assassination mission into Lasria – an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War secret. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens to find part of his body altered by an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities. Now, Hayden must learn to evolve along with his powers, to survive and to become a hero.

Developed by acclaimed developer Digital Extremes, co-creators behind the award-winning Epic Game’s Unreal franchise, Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, an elite black-ops agent sent on a dangerous mission into a decaying Eastern European city that hides a deadly Cold War secret. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens to find part of his body altered by an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities; now he must learn to evolve along with his powers, to survive and to become a hero. A dark, gritty experience packed with fast action, incredible superpowers and an engaging story; Dark Sector represents the next evolution of gaming.

Rosenbaum, known as Smallville's Lex Luthor, will bring to life the character of Hayden Tenno, a cold-blooded, ruthless killer who awakens after an attack with an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities. Through the storyline and Rosenbaum’s voice over, players will experience Hayden’s transformation into something more than he was, his fight against the powers taking over his body and his evolution as he becomes a hero.



  • Name: Prologue - Completed Chapter 1 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Exposure - Completed Chapter 2 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Baggage Claim - Completed Chapter 3 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Moths To The Flame - Completed Chapter 4 (Score: 10)
  • Name: The Shipment - Completed Chapter 5 (Score: 10)
  • Name: The Bait - Completed Chapter 6 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Industrial Evolution - Completed Chapter 7 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Unnatural History - Completed Chapter 8 (Score: 10)
  • Name: Threshold Guardian - Completed Chapter 9 (Score: 10)
  • Name: The Dark Sector - Completed the game (Score: 100)
  • Name: Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty - Completed the Game on Brutal Difficulty (Score: 110)


  • Name: Headhunter - Decapitate 30 enemies(Score: 10)
  • Name: Incinerator - Incinerate 30 enemies (Score: 10)
  • Name: Electrician - Electrocute 30 enemies (Score: 10)
  • Name: Jack Frost - Kill 30 frozen enemies. (Score: 10)
  • Name: Finesse - Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch (Score: 40)
  • Name: Hardball - Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw (Score: 35)
  • Name: Sharpshooter - Get 30 headshots (Score: 10)
  • Name: Glaive Master - Complete a level by only using the Glaive (Score: 10)
  • Name: The Finisher - Perform 30 finishers (Score: 10)
  • Name: Double Decap Latte - Get two decapitations in one shot (Score: 15)
  • Name: Jack the Jackal - Take the Jackal for a ride (Score: 35)
  • Name: Skeet Shooter - Shoot 10 projectiles in mid-flight (Score: 10)
  • Name: Weaponsmith - Apply 5 upgrades in the market (Score: 10)
  • Name: Greed - Collect over 50,000 rubles (Score: 10)
  • Name: Researcher - Collect 10 weapon upgrades (Score: 10)
  • Name: Master Researcher - Collect all the weapon upgrades (Score: 15)
  • Name: Rebound - Kill an enemy with a reflected projectile (Score: 15)
  • Name: Ghost - Use cloaking to get a finisher (Score: 35)


  • Name: Glory - Finish best overall in a ranked match (Multiplayer) (Score: 30)
  • Name: Veteran - Scored 500 points (Score: 30)
  • Name: Hero - Scored 5000 points (Score: 40)
  • Name: Champion - Finish best overall in a ranked team game (Score: 30)
  • Name: Comrade - Score 500 points in ranked team games (Score: 30)
  • Name: Hero of the people - Score 5000 points in ranked team games (Score: 40)

Dark Sector’s multiplayer is broken up into two distinct game types:


The Infection game type is a match between Hayden and the Lasrian military. One player assumes the role of Hayden while all others (up to nine) assume the roles of Lasrian Troopers. Hayden is considered the infected target, and it is up to the Troopers to bring him down. Once Hayden is brought down (“finished”), the Trooper responsible becomes infected and a new round begins. A match will run until either time expires, or a set number of points are reached. The ultimate goal of an Infection match is to have the most number of points when the match is over. Points are granted to Troopers by either stunning Hayden, finishing Hayden, or assisting in bring Hayden down and points are awarded to Hayden by killing Troopers (Troopers can lose points by committing suicide).

As a Trooper, the player will be armed with either an assault rifle or a shotgun, have a couple grenades, and one proximity mine. Troopers can only attack Hayden, and so they can either work together (communicating via a shared chat channel) or go solo. In order to bring Hayden down, they must inflict a set amount damage which will stun him, and then, while he is stunned, perform a “finisher.” The Trooper that performs the “finisher” becomes infected and plays as Hayden in the next round.

As Hayden, the player has no allies, but is armed with a Tekna 9mm, the Glaive, all three Evolutionary Powers, and any weapons dropped by the Troopers or lying around the various maps. Hayden also has access to the elements fire, ice, and electricity (depending on the level) to use against the attacking Troopers.


The Epidemic game type is a team based match between the Lasrian military, and the Agency. Players are divided into two teams where (on each team) one player assumes the role of Hayden, and all others assume the roles of Troopers. Matches end based on a time limit, or point total, and rounds end whenever a Hayden is brought down. Team points are awarded whenever an opposing team brings down the other team’s Hayden, and individual points are awarded to players based on kills and assists (players can also lose points by committing suicide). Players can only communicate with other players in the same team, and can only attack players on the opposing team. Both the Troopers and the Haydens retain the same functionality they have in the Infection game type.

In both game types, players will respawn at designated spawn points when they are killed.

Multiplayer Customization

On the X360, MP games can either be played using Xbox Live, or System Link. On the PS3, MP games can either be played on the Playstation Network, or LAN.

Each multiplayer game type supports up to ten players and has access to five different maps. The maps are unique in size, detail (such as weather effects), and layout. For example, the map called the Deck promotes a more close combat oriented play style, whereas the Court promotes a more team-based play style with its symmetrical layout and numerous opportunities to surround opposition. Multiplayer games can also be customized in terms of time limit, number of players, score limit, and the existence of bots.


  • Built from the ground-up specifically for next-generation consoles, Dark Sector offers an original storyline that absorbs players in one of the most cinematic and emotionally-gripping 3rd person action game to date.
  • After being exposed to a failed cold-war experiment, Hayden will physically evolve specialized superpowers that become more lethal and sophisticated over time.
  • A bladed disc that grows out of Hayden’s infected hand, this weapon will be one of the key elements throughout the game. The strength and versatility of this weapon make it truly unique and compelling.
    • It can be thrown at enemies with brutal results,
    • Collect elements from the environment such as fire and electricity to use on enemies and interact with the world.
    • Contains a light source to be used in dark areas; can be used in conjunction with conventional weapons.
  • Dark Sector removes traditional on-screen elements such as health bars and ammo meters, instead using the character himself as the HUD. As the character takes damage he will begin to physically show it, ammunition levels will be displayed on guns, available weapons and inventory will be displayed on the character – all serving to keep the player focused on the character and the gameplay.
  • Simplified and intuitive controls keep players immersed in the action freeing them to utilize their skills in targeting and eliminating enemies.
  • Dark Sector employs an over-the-shoulder 3rd person perspective giving the player a full view of the world around him, while also showing full visual of Hayden allowing for the player to make a connection with the character.
  • Beyond the evolution powers, Hayden will have an arsenal of conventional weapons at his disposal that can all be upgraded and made more powerful throughout the game.
  • Players will employ special tactics while encountering new and different enemy combat tactics as the evolving AI communicate amongst themselves, take cover and offer realistic responses to player actions.
  • Hayden Tenno is a cold-blooded, ruthless character who has superhero type powers and responsibility thrust upon him – a true anti-hero who makes no excuses for his actions. Through the storyline, players will witness Hayden’s transformation into something more than he was, his fight against the powers taking over his body and the effects it has on his psyche.
  • Details about the Innovative Multiplayer Component to be revealed at a later date.

Dark Sector, rated M for Mature, is now slated for release in March 25, 2008.

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