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War Leaders: Clash of Nations

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Engima

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'War Leaders: Clash of Nations' - German v1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 2, 2008 @ 9:07 a.m. PDT

War Leaders: Clash of Nations will expand upon the RTS genre by placing gamers in the roles of the major leaders of WWII, including Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Political, diplomatic and economic decision making will be key to success, while sound tactical strategies will ensure victory on the battlefield.

Get the War Leaders: Clash of Nations v1.1 Patch off WP (250mb)

War Leaders: Clash of Nations Changelog Update v1.1


- Improvements in performance
- Lower loading times
- Better stability on Windows Vista
- Optimized packaging system for lower memory consumption
- Memory Leaks correction
- Screensaver disabled while playing

Main Menu

- Mouse wheel scroll inserted on battles list
- Correct graphics mode check in Main Menu
- Improved background video

Battle Mode

- Tooltips now work in pause
- Fixed issues on placing units initial phase
- Improvements in pathfinding to avoid queues on units movement by overtake
- Fix in units shooting at different heights
- Bug fixes for infantry inside buildings
- Bug fixes for units blocked on bridges
- Bug fix for planes high level AI
- Bug fix for battle ending speech
- Bug fix for ships on Tokyo map
- Maps visuals fixes
- Unit models and textures fixes
- Destroyed plains fixes
- Vegetation movement by wind improvement
- Improvement on memory management by particles system

Campaign Mode

- Interface optimized
- Several fixes on savegames
- Several fixes on armies movement arrows
- Bug fix so now videos on War Leaders dead show up
- Bug fix for alliances with nations defeated at high historical accuracy level
- Improvement on atomic bomb explosion visual effects
- V-1 and V-2 damage reduced
- Double movement by disembarkment not allowed
- Bug fix for units missing when disembarking
- Bug fix for minus quantities on statistics
- Bug fixes on events
- Added tooltips to screen interface of armies and territories
- Diplomacy AI fix: do not reoffer treaties once offered to the player
- Spies can act against nations not in war yet in High Historical Accuracy Level
- Inserted World missing raw materials
- Spies actions and interface restricted to Technologies
- Coast effects fixes

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