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'Chessmaster Live' (X360) Gets Rayman Animated Chess Set

by Rainier on April 30, 2008 @ 11:48 a.m. PDT

Ubisoft announced that a Rayman Raving Rabbids animated chess Set for Chessmaster LIVE is now available for download on Xbox Live Aracde for 200 Microsoft Points. The fully animated, 3D chess set features the mischievous, insane bunnies from the popular Rayman franchise that players have grown to love.

A downloadable version of Ubisoft’s hit “Chessmaster” series, “Chessmaster Live” allows players to test and tune their chess skills against the AI or opponents of all aptitudes around the globe via Xbox LIVE. “Chessmaster Live” features five original chess variants, including a Message Chess option, which allows gamers to engage in matches over the span of several days, weeks or even months. The title boasts both beautifully crafted 3D chess sets inspired by luxury chess board designer House of Staunton.

Enjoy playing as a real strategist with the Xbox Live version of the most-acclaimed chess franchise. Chessmaster LIVE allows you to challenge friends and players all over the world in thrilling contests and determine who's the real champ. Choose among several 3-D (or 2-D) sets and play against virtual characters or real opponents over Xbox Live. Solve puzzles and discover exciting variations of this classic board game. Beginners can learn the basics of chess, and veteran players can improve their mastery of the game with the advanced scenario. The game is yours ... it's your move!

Features :

  • The challenge of chess: Compete against advanced A.I. characters or challenge other Xbox Live members to a match.
  • New message chess system: Start a game without any time limit, and play the game at your leisure over the course of days or even weeks.
  • Chess puzzles and chess variations: Puzzle over a series of classic challenges such as "find the fork" or "mate in one," and experience new ways of playing chess including Dark Chess, Losing Chess, Extinction Chess, and Progressive Chess.
  • Customizable environments: Choose from six 3-D chess sets and three traditional sets, each with their own distinct sound effects, piece and board design.
  • Interact with opponents: Video options allow you to see your challenger during the course of the game.

Chessmaster Live, rated E for Everone, is currently available worldwide (with the exception of Japan and Korea) for 800 Microsoft Points.

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