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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Stardock
Developer: Gas Powered Games

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Stardock Signs 'Demigod' And Gets Delayed - Screens

by Rainier on April 7, 2008 @ 9:54 a.m. PDT

Set in a future-fantasy world, Demigod is a team-based action game that casts you as a demigod battling for a position in the pantheon of the gods. Demigod incorporates elements of RTS and action RPG games. Players choose their demigod and turn the tides in epic battles fought in ancient arenas. Single player revolves around the player working through a tournament style ladder to ascend to godhood. Multiplayer forces teams to work together to destroy the opposing forces and their stronghold.

Set in an awesome future-fantasy world, Demigod is a team-based action game that casts you as a hero waging war to obtain a position within the pantheon of gods.

There are two playable Demigod character types--General and Assassin--the type you choose determines the style of gameplay. Play as an Assassin-class hero, and the game plays like an action-RPG; play as a General, and Demigod plays more like a strategy game.

Gas Powered Games, having become one of the leading PC game developers with hit titles such as Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander chose Stardock as its exclusive worldwide PC publisher in part because of Stardock’s tremendous success with the award-winning Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations.

“Forging our new partnership with Stardock is a big deal for all of us at GPG, and we couldn’t be more excited about it,” said Chris Taylor, founder and CEO of Gas Powered Games. “Not only do we have a proven retail publisher, but we get to partner with a pioneer in the digital distribution space… a company that totally understands what kind of experience our customer wants and the quality game they demand. The whole proposition is truly refreshing.”

“We’re very excited at the opportunity to work with Gas Powered Games,” said Brad Wardell, president and CEO of Stardock. “By integrating our teams and working together, we will be able to create something that represents the best of both teams.”

To fully support a public beta that will launch this summer, the launch date for Demigod has been moved to February 2009. This will give the development team sufficient time to incorporate feedback from the beta players while polishing the game. Like Stardock’s other games, Demigod will be released without any on-disc copy protection and has been budgeted to receive many months of free post-release feature updates.

Features :

  • Revolutionary team-based action game that includes RTS, action RPG and fighting game elements
  • Work cooperatively with teammates (AI or human in multiplayer) to dominate your opponents
  • Level up your Demigod and purchase unique equipment
  • Fight and lead your troops with the goal of pushing the battle into your opponent's territory and destroying their stronghold
  • Fight in fantastic arenas
  • Two styles of play: Assassin and General
  • Simple RTS-style controls
  • Advanced AI
  • Robust multiplayer
  • Ranked and unranked games via our GPGnet service
  • Clan, chat, and tournament support
  • Future plans include downloadable content

LAUNCH DATE: February 2009

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