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'Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2' - v3.0 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 1, 2008 @ 12:42 a.m. PDT

WinSPWW2 features true combined arms warfare from 1930 through 1946, an era that saw the theories of J.F.C. Fuller and Giulio Douhet put to the test as the world burned. This v3.0 patch provides several fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.

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winSPWW2 v3.0 Upgrade Patch:

  • 14 New Scenarios
  • 34 Revised Scenarios
  • 13 New and Revised maps
  • 39 New photos
  • 27 New and Revised Icons
  • 36 Updated OOB Files
  • 2 Revised campaign files
  • 9 Revised Graphic files
  • Upgraded Cost Calculator
  • Upgraded MOBHack
  • Upgraded ScenHack
  • Upgraded Extended Map Editor
  • Upgraded GameOptions
  1. 1) The OOB changes mainly centre around correcting discrepancies between some weapons and the units in the various OOB's that use them. All OOB's were then put through the cost calculator once again to ensure uniformity
  2. 2) Previously radios were given to almost every platoon leader and section leader no matter what the radio codes in the OOB's were set to . This has changed in both WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2. Now every company, platoon and section reads the radio codes and if the OOB's are set up with low radio chance then that's what you'll see in the game. The main HQ unit will always get a radios. This change affects two things mainly. 1) Calling for artillery will not be as easy as it once was and units from a formation will not be able to wander far from their "0" unit lead. If they do it becomes harder to rally. This is no different that the way the game has played in the past but in the past most units had radios. Now there are fewer units that do especially in the WW2 and just post WW2 era. One example would be snipers. Snipers in the game have acted as scouts, Forward observers and snipers. There are far fewer snipers in this version of the game that have radio contact with artillery. We expect that this change will take some players who were used to picking almost any command unit as a Forward observer a bit of time to get used to . The effect is far less in the game on "modern" era armies
  3. 3) You will see a further addition to the HQ menu. You will now see ' R ' or ' * ' in the HQ menu list of units. The leaders with the R have a radio and as always in SP only leaders ( the x0 ) with radios can call arty so if you see a x4 unit with a radio it doesn't mean he can contact the artillery only leaders can do that. That aspect of the game has not changed but this change makes finding he leaders with the radios easier. As well these are colour coded and match the messages you would see at the bottom of the battle screen when you click on a unit. A white ' R ' or ' * ' means " in contact" and all that means is they have C&C link to their immediate superior. A yellow ' R ' or ' * ' means there is radio contact and a red ' R ' or ' * ' means the unit is out of contact with it's immediate superior. All of this is handy to know at a glance. If you are playing with a nation that has few radios you'll probably want to be careful where you put them. This allows you to find them without having to check every leader in the game
  4. 4) A further change has been made to the "Passenger" report you see in the main battle screen at the bottom left of the screen.

    Previously the unit named there would be the last unit loaded onto or into whatever is carrying them. Nice if you only have one unit loaded but useless if there are more than one. The only way to know for sure what you had loaded was to check the information screen and then all units loaded would be listed but in a game clicking on a APC and seeing "sniper" wasn't that informative when you might have three scout teams and a sniper loaded. This is all less of an issue when loading tanks or halftracks but it has always been a problem with large capacity transports like landing barges or helicopter and even though you might know what's loaded in you never really knew how many more units you could load except by trial and error

    This has been changed.Now, on the main battle screens your passengers are listed something like this

    LOADED: 10 ( of 13 )

    When dealing with infantry this tells you that you have 10 men loaded into or onto a vehicle that has a 13 man capacity. You no longer have to guess. For vehicles loaded into units like landing barges the game reads the carry cost of that vehicle so a tank in a landing barge might be reported as something like: LOADED: 30 ( of 50 ). Now you know exactly how many other points you can put in. Large helicopters are handled the same way.

  5. 5) The move cost for infantry (foot class) has been increased by 1 for wooden and stone buildings. Buildings will no longer be treated like open terrain
  6. 6) Units will only charged a movement penalty on entering a slope hex from a lower altitude so travel down hill is no longer penalised.
  7. 7)In assault battles a bit of code that had previously been added so landing barges etc could call arty in beach assaults was allowing any unit with a radio to call arty in a beach assault. This has been corrected .
  8. 8) Bug found in MOBHack where deleting unused weapons would also delete weapons that are still being used. Now fixed.
  9. 9) Units in retreat or route can no longer use a radio to contact artillery
  10. 10) The enemy passengers loaded in or on a vehicle was reported on the info screen you get when right clicking on a unit. This has been removed.
  11. 11) A text overrun bug that would intermittently show up on the HQ menu screen after purchasing has finally been squashed for good ( we hope.... )
  12. 12) There was a bug we traced back to the original code that was cancelling out the full effect to Multiple MG's on aircraft and only calculating for one gun. Now fixed.
  13. 13) PBEM Campaigns have been added to the game for CD holders.
  14. 14) In some cases enemy bunkers could attempt to fire at targets outside their weapons arc which triggered an opfire event by friendly units. This has now been fixed.
  15. 15) A rare bug where crews carried as passengers could turn into enemy crews has been fixed.
  16. 16) Bulgaria was showing up as an opponent of Russia during campaigns. This has been corrected
  17. 17) Ranger and Mountain Forward Observers did not have the artillery spotting bonus. Now fixed
  18. 18) Changes to water depth were not being saved. Now fixed. The scenario #49 "Stark and Bitter Hours now has the correct water depth between the coral reef and shore.
  19. 19) HEAT ammo previously could sometimes overpenetrate it's nominal penetration value to a significant amount and this could give some weapons abilities that they did not have in reality. The code has been adjusted so this is far less likely to occur.
  20. 20) Level Bombers were not always dropping all their bombs. Now fixed
  21. 21) One infantry class was missed in the code that restricted their ability to throw smoke to one hex. Now fixed
  22. 22) WW2 Long Campaign bug fixed. AI was buying mines etc in LC when it had to defend but was not deploying them.
  23. 23) The Japanese long campaign code was set up too passively in the early Chinese fighting. There were far too many "defend" battles for the Japanese. Now changed. They will be more aggressive than in the past and there will be more advance and assault battles
  24. 24) The special battle text files that appear when playing campaigns were missing and have been included in this upgrade.

WinSPWW2 v2.5 Upgrade Patch:

  • 36 Updated OOB files
  • Upgraded ScenHack
  • There was a problem in the game campaign code affecting some players that would prevent them from deleting a campaign core formation after purchase. This has been fixed.
  • A bug in ScenHack would prevent players from loading scenarios made with version 2.0. Fixed.
  • The OOB changes are mainly the result of correcting discrepancies between some weapons and units in the various OOB's that use them. All OOB's were then put through the cost calculator once again to ensure uniformity .
  • Smoke shells will only be issued to land based 60mm - 159mm caliber artillery and mortar units. Rockets will not have smoke issued except for the German Nebelwerfer 41 15cm rockets.

The upgrade patch brings winSPWW2 up to version 2.0 and includes the following elements:

  • 13 New scenarios
  • 2 Updated scenarios previously available
  • 15 Brand new maps
  • 14 Updated leader names (file)
  • 29 Updated ranks (file)
  • 75 Icons, both completely new and those revised
  • 143 New photos
  • 36 Updated OOB files
  • The Cost Calculator, CamoMapEditor, MOBHack, and ScenHack have all be upgraded

In addition to the features listed above the upgrade patch also includes:

  • Artillery priority hexes are now issued based on the type of battle and the number of forward observers (along with the equipment of the FOs).
  • Retreat/rally hexes have been added.
  • For those owning the Enhanced CD version of the game Opfire filtering has been added. Yet another reason to upgrade to the Enhanced CD version!
  • HEAT ammo has a secondary HE ability now. Units will reserve the last four HEAT rounds for anti-tank attacks, and are more reluctant to fire HEAT/HE against soft targets in reaction fire.
  • All Panzerfaust type weapons have had their HE ammo removed to conform to the above modification in ammo types.
  • A "View All" button has been added, allowing the user to check to see what a unit can see in all six directions at once.
  • Maximum game points are now at 65,000 for all games.
  • Infantry and vehicles can now enter -1 water hexes.
  • Fixed the bug with the "Next" and "First" buttons overlapping when displaying unit formations with more than two pages of units.
  • Fixed hex info not being shown in the bombardment screen after the unit info was accessed.
  • Nationalist and Communist Chinese will fight each other AND the Japanese. From May '45 onwards their will only fight each other (or those within their own group).
  • Fixed the bug in the Long Campaigns where the AI was not buying mines on the defense.
  • Many more tweaks, fiddles, and adjustments!

The upgrade patch works with both the FREE, downloadable version of winSPWW2 and the Enhanced CD edition, although some features are only available to owners of the Enhanced CD edition. Don't own the Enhanced CD version? You're missing out on quite a bit!

Enhanced CD edition owners gain some really great features, like playing at a much higher resolution (like 1600x1200, a thing of beauty to behold), more intense map editing capabilities, more secure PBEM slots, encyclopedic sorting abilities, and more.

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