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'StateShift' (PSP) Coming to PC

by Rainier on May 13, 2008 @ 4:25 a.m. PDT

StateShift is an original sci-fi racing title, set in a not too distant future, focuses on illegal racing competitions around the future Earth where economical instability, and depletion of resources has led to a series of bloody conflicts.

Brace yourself for the high-octane headrush of Stateshift! The aim of Stateshift is to cleverly use a series of power-ups to boost, bash, drift and simply destroy your opponents, as well as stay on the road ahead! Take on 15 other fearless racers across 9 exhilarating tournaments to claim your title as the greatest driver in the world!

Set in the future during a period of political unrest, a series of bloody conflicts have brought the world’s economy to the brink of collapse. This has resulted in mass global poverty, where the survivors strive to survive with only one motivation… illegal Stateshift racing! Danger is never far away, with a full arsenal of devastating weaponry, armed and ready to unleash at the touch of a button. Collect homing missiles, mines, rocket launchers to gain the edge in a race to the finish line, where only the fastest and deadliest pilots will survive.

Apart from the deadly arsenal players have to their disposal, special powers can be unlocked by picking up energy cells. State morphing is an energy based power up system with which the player can – in real-time – change the handling of his car. By using the various State morph abilities, the player can get better average speed, supreme cornering, ram other players to oblivion, evade weapons fire, drive through obstacles, and by combining all of these: reign the competition.

Game features:

  • Fourteen different race tracks
  • Six different playable characters
  • Four different Statemorph abilities
  • Four different weapon pickups
  • Max 15 AI controlled opponents
  • Four different game modes including multiplayer
  • In-game tutorial races on custom tracks to learn the basics
  • Original soundtrack

Playlogic plans to release Stateshift, developed by Engine Software, early summer 2008.

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