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'Velvet Assassin' (ALL) and 'Legendary' (ALL) Get amBX Support

by Rainier on May 2, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT

Philips announced an amBX license agreement with Texas-based Gamecock Media Group to amBX-enable Legendary and Velvet Assassin.

"Gamecock is another top drawer publisher signing for amBX," commented Jo Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer, amBX. "Our involvement with Gamecock at E.I.E.I.O. allowed us to show off slick amBX trailers for Legendary and Velvet Assassin to not only a huge number of dedicated gamers, but also the 10,000 music fans attending South by Southwest, Austin's premiere live music, film and entertainment event, taking place the same week. Reaching out to the wider market is very much part of our strategy for amBX for 2008."

Shorthand for 'ambient experiences', amBX reinvents the gameplay experience by extending the traditional gaming world out of the screen and into the real world. amBX delivers full 'surround senses' by allowing developers to use light, colour, sound, rumble and even air flow through enabled devices, including the Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals range of LED colour-controlled lighting, rumble peripherals and variable speed desktop fans.

The player takes on the role of MI6 agent Violette Summer. Alone and behind enemy lines, she infiltrates military installations, places explosive charges and takes out high-ranking enemies – silent and deadly.

Already an exception in the genre as a female protagonist, Violette is a new type of action heroine. She is a lone warrior, taking on the most difficult assignments and securing a place among the toughest games’ heroes.Cool and calculating, she moves through her assignments with intense concentration, always ready to strike. Without flinching, she knocks down doors and applies her weapons arsenal, giving everything for her mission’s success.

Detailed real-life locations lend the scenarios more realism and authentic challenges, providing a true-to-life backdrop for the fictitious resistance fighter missions. Violette’s assignments take her into the faithfully modelled cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. All around the church, soldiers can be seen pilfering pieces of art, while Violette is pursuing her mission, taking her all the way onto the roof of the famous cathedral.

Heroine Violette Summer was influenced to some degree by the actual French resistance fighter Violette Szabo, who completed several dangerous assignments for Great Britain before being executed in Ravensbrueck concentration camp. She was the first woman to be posthumously awarded such high honors as the British “King George’s Cross” and the French “Croix de la Guerre”. However, at this point, Violette Szabo and Violette Summer have little else in common than their first names. While Szabo is a real-life hero of the RĂ©sistance, Violette Summer is purely a work of fiction.

Velvet Assassin stands out through its unique look and balanced mixture of stealth and action elements: one moment the game might reward a deliberate, tactical and silent approach and the next moment you will have to keep your cool in fierce shootouts. Small puzzles will spice up the missions occasionally.

Additionally, you can develop Violette’s skills and equipment with the help of collectible items you find throughout the game, which give access to better weapons or level up her basic abilities.


  • Brutal assassinations and sabotage missions - Bring your enemies to a violent end that they'll never see coming. For example, lure your enemy by whistle to a puddle of gasoline right before you ignite it.
  • Stylized environments - Explore hyper-realistic dreamlike settings that are modeled after actual World War II locations.
  • Unique and realistic gameplay perspective - Experience the unimaginable horrors of stealthy, off-battlefield warfare. And discover letters and treasures left behind by German soldiers.
  • Realistic 1940s weapons - Use a variety of weapons and stealth gadgets that are true to World War II fighting.
  • 12 breath-taking levels - Go on assassination missions, try to survive Violette's nightmares, and complete a rescue mission that is anything but life saving.
  • Adjustable skills - By completing missions, change Violette's attributes to suit your play style, whether it be more stealth or strength.
  • Stunning and vibrant environments are as rich and haunting as the dreams and memories that inspired them.
  • Hunt for enemy targets as Violette narrates the story and feeds you insider information.
  • Dynamic lighting makes shadows and beams of light realistically move adding intensity to gameplay.
  • Meet interesting characters in a story of betrayal and horror.
  • Infiltrate Nazi military installations only to destroy them with explosive charges. And silently slaughter key leaders in the enemy regime.
  • Using historically accurate guns and knives, Violette sneaks up behind her enemies to silently and viciously execute them.

Gamecock will release Velvet Assassin worldwide for PS3, X360 and PC in the Q3 2008.

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