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'SimCity Societies Destinations' - 10 New Screens

by Rainier on May 20, 2008 @ 10:46 a.m. PDT

The city pack add-on moves the SimCity Societies experience into new, exciting, and exotic locales, allowing players to create the perfect vacation spot. To attract and host Sims travelers from around the world, players must build and manage their destinations with an eye towards lucrative detail.

From unspoiled nature parks with campgrounds and hiking trails to tropical beach resorts with water sports and fine dining, from humble county fairs with hay rides and midway games, to sprawling modern theme parks with all the bells and whistles, you’ll build an entire city based on attracting visitors, and keeping them entertained and satisfied.

SimCity Societies Destinations enhances the SimCity Societies experience by providing all the tools you need to create an entire city or town based on attractions and amenities that visitors enjoy. With an enhanced map generator, players can identify each city’s opportunity for diversion and the city can capitalise on that draw. From sprawling theme parks and tropical beach resorts to country hiking trails, players can control more than 100 new buildings to create their customised destination.

“SimCity Societies Destinations is the perfect game to let your imagination go on vacation, while at the same time provides deeper, challenges for the player,” said Rod Humble, Head of The Sims™ Studio. “Whether you want to forge a mini republic or build a spiritual retreat, you’ll have all the tools to make your destination admired by citizens far and wide.”

SimCity Societies Destinations is the first city pack in the SimCity line-up of games which launched in Nov. 2007 allowing players to construct not only the cities they desire, but allows them to mold their cultures, societal tendencies and environments as well. With this accessible, innovative and versatile city-builder, players can choose from more than 500 buildings to create the city of their dreams. From futuristic metropolises and fantastical haunted cities to obedient Orwellian states and devout contemplative towns – what to combine and connect is up to the creator.

Features :

  • Create amazing destination - Turn your romantic city into a tropical beach resort, your authoritarian city into a banana republic, or your meditative city into a spiritual getaway for the rich and famous. Create attractions that are high class or low brow or bizzare.
  • More than 100 new buildings with new abilities, from five star beach resort to UFO crash sites.
  • More than 35 new Sims with new behaviors - travelling business men, religious pelgrims, political devotees, cult members, adventurers, and more.
  • New tourism and tourist functionality - Make your city attractive, working to bring in more visitors who bring in more cash to our city's coffers.
  • Expanded transit functionality, including air and water travel.

SimCity Societies Destinations will be available for the PC across Europe and North America in May 2008.

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