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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: S2 Games
Developer: S2 Games

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'Savage 2: A Tortured Soul' Free Weekend Commences

by Rainier on May 23, 2008 @ 3:59 p.m. PDT

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul will feature the same style of beautiful, expansive environments that truly immersed players in the critically acclaimed original; however, an entirely enhanced combat system, animation features, and gameplay elements will catapult Savage 2 light years beyond its prequel.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is the sequel to Savage: A Battle for Newerth, which introduced gamers to the completely new Real Time Strategy Shooter (RTSS) gaming genre. Savage enabled players to opt for either the fast-paced, run-and-gun action of a first-person shooter (FPS) game – playing as a Warrior – or the more cerebral and tactical planning of a real-time strategy (RTS) game – playing as a Commander – working together as a team to defeat the enemy. Savage 2: A Tortured Soul builds upon the fast-paced gameplay of the original with additional squad-based features and enhanced role-playing game (RPG) elements which enable players to build their character level and abilities throughout the game.

Starting May 23rd at 12 noon (-5 GMT) and running through May 26th at 11:59pm (-5 GMT) all demo accounts will have full unlimited access to Savage 2.

During this same time frame we will be creating a new experience ladder with prizes for the top TOTAL experience earners as follows:

1st place: $250
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100
250th place $75
500th place $50

Everyone is eligible for the cash giveaway and awards will be based on total experience earned during the above timeperiod.

Payments will be sent via Paypal or Amazon E-Giftcard, recipients choice.

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