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Emergent Launches its Gamebryo 2.5 Development Platform

by Rainier on June 11, 2008 @ 4:07 p.m. PDT

Emergent’s Gamebryo 2.5 provides developers the framework they need to quickly bring high-quality titles to market no matter how complex the development environment as it introduces a redesigned core with the Emergent Terrain System, a new Geometry System and enhanced support for the Floodgate stream processing engine.

Gamebryo 2.5 provides a solid development foundation with the flexibility to integrate a company’s proprietary tools. This allows for rapid development from planning to completion. The time saved not creating everything from scratch allows developers to deliver more creative and polished titles.

The Gamebryo 2.5 release was heavily influenced by customers, adding much-requested features to the development platform.

“Gamebryo 2.5 is the foundation for a new generation of creativity in game and simulation development,” says Geoffrey Selzer, CEO, Emergent Game Technologies. “The significant transformation of the Gamebryo core and our vibrant partner community has given birth to the industry’s most powerful and flexible game development environment. Nothing else allows developers to as easily and smoothly create in any genre on multiple platforms.”

The Gamebryo 2.5 features:

Redesigned Geometry System:

* Minimized runtime data conversions, accelerated data loading
* Flexible and compressed data representations for reduced bus bandwidth to GPU
* No buffer-to-buffer copies, reducing peak memory usage
* Support for multiple geometry streams that optimize data access patterns
* Generic interface for geometry data access, using semantic names to distinguish data meaning
* GPU instancing
* More flexible geometry data sharing, e.g. sharing index, position and UV coordinates while using unique vertex colors per object

Upgraded Floodgate:

* Improved automatic division of tasks to minimize DMA transfers on PLAYSTATION®3 and to maximize data pre-fetching on Xbox 360™
* Extensible mesh modifier system for arbitrary parallel operations on geometry per frame
* Impressive performance advantage to standard game system components running on multi-core architectures

New Emergent Terrain System:

* WYSIWYG terrain sculpting and painting tools, object placement and lighting capabilities
* Terrain Meta-Data
* Dynamic LOD
* Built-in Shader System
* Optional integration with IDV SpeedTree®
* Cross-platform support for PC (DirectX®9), Xbox 360™ and PLAYSTATION®3

Over the next 12 months, Emergent will announce multiple releases based on the new core, including art tools and pluggable integrations with more than 13 partners.

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