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Load Inc. Showing Off Its Goods At Liepzig Games Convention

by Rainier on June 12, 2008 @ 12:47 a.m. PDT

Paris based development studio Load Inc. is coming to Leipzig for the Games Convention, where its representatives will be presenting their soon to come Xbox 360 Live Arcade and PSN game: “WCTYY” (acronym for “We Can’t Tell You Yet”).

Why should you care about downloadable console games? Read the news!

  • It’s hot, happening, easy, growing fast, hip, hard core and family oriented. You can buy awesome games from your couch!
  • It is the reconciliation of your wife / girlfriend / dog / mother in law with gaming!! Come with us and be rich and famous.
  • On top of things this great game (take our word for it) will also be featured on the Oh so sexy PS3 through PSN service.
  • Load Inc. would love to go there with you. Meet them for 20mn tops. See what they have to say and decide for yourself.

“We are looking for a strong and dedicated partnership. Xbox 360 Live Arcade and PSN need original ideas that make these superb systems shine. That’s exactly what we have in stock. (…) We know Microsoft & Sony enough not to aim at second best” says Thomas Leinekugel, VP Project Manager (he was sober), “look at what we’re doing with ToW today, we specialize in downloadable AAAs”.

Touch base with us in Leipzig. Say hello at and let’s arrange for a meeting.

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