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Monday, June 2, 2008 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on June 2, 2008 @ 9:01 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Death Jr.: Root of Evil (Wii)

Death Jr.: Root of Evil immerses gamers in the extraordinary adventures of Death Jr., the Grim Reaper's son, and his daring school sweetheart Pandora, as they journey through the world with their brave and freakish cohorts: Stigmartha, Smith & Weston, Seep, and Dead Guppy. They set off to find something cool for their school biology project, but along the way, they accidentally unleash Furi, a woodland nymph who's bitter that her transformation into the ultimate force of evil has been interrupted. With her corruptive power over nature, Furi kidnaps DJ's Dad and releases swarms of creepy creatures into the world. Players embark on an adventure, playing either as DJ or Pandora, to free the Grim Reaper and rescue their town before Furi's appetite for evil consumes them all.

Death Jr.: Root of Evil takes on a whole new level of challenge and fun on the Wii, offering dual-weapon attack modes that give players complete control of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in melee and ranged combat. With over 45 varieties of enemies, players will have their skills tested while swinging at nearby enemies in melee combat with the enhanced motion sensing on the Wii Remote using DJ's famed scythe or Pandora's whip. The versatility of the Wii Remote allows for precision targeting with active aiming to shoot down airborne, burrowing, distant or close combat enemies, and players can also unlock new attack combos, and build and upgrade projectile weapons. The intuitive camera system takes full advantage of the Wii Remote for full-3D camera control.

Death Jr.: Root of Evil offers 19 levels of rich adventures and in co-op mode, gamers will discover more weapons, combat moves, and story elements, while exploring the mysterious world of Death Jr. even further. With increased resolution for more lush and vivid environments, newly added special effects, and remodeled characters, Death Jr.: Root of Evil for Wii delivers the most vibrant and humorous adventure ever.

Key Features:

  • Two Playable Characters – Play through the entire game as either Death Jr. or Pandora, or team up with a friend in the new local co-op mode. Discover new weapons, combat moves and storyline details playing as each character.
  • Seamless Action and 3D Platforming – 19 levels and over 45 different species of enemies deliver a great variety of action and platforming gameplay.
  • Robust Weapons and Upgrade System – Over [insert # here] weapons loaded with humor ranging from flaming toilet paper throwers to C4 hamsters.
  • New Intuitive Camera and Control System: Two new simple control methods based on ranged and melee combat, and a full 3D camera makes for a cleaner, faster and more fun experience.Gesture recognition utilized for special attacks to complete the Wii experience.
  • Co-operative Story Campaign: Local split-screen play adjusts to your TV automatically, making a seamless and accessible co-op platform game for the Wii.
  • Improved Graphics: Characters and environments now have up to 5 times the amount of polygons, and in-game FMV’s re-rendered in 480p widescreen.
  • Refined Level Design and Pacing: An overall more polished and rich experience tailored specifically for the Wii. Includes enhanced storyline presentation, enemy pacing, and improved user interface.

Death Jr.: Root of Evil releases exclusively on Wii this spring 2008 (North America) and summer 2008 (Europe).


If you can think it, you can play it on LOL. Playable by between two and four players with just one game card between all of everyone, LOL, known in Europe as Bakushow, is a cross between your favourite quiz show and charades. The host proposes a question or task to all the players who then send their answers back to the host within a certain time limit. All the answers are then revealed to all players who in turn vote on each other’s work!

Questions can be in the form of intelligence or memory style: What does M.B.E. stand for? What does a Scottish terrier look like?

You can also compete using your imagination. Ask everyone to draw a unicorn for example.

Using LOL’s copy tool, you can ask players a range of varied questions based on images drawn or information written by the host. For example – finish a part completed illustration or word, Sudoku style challenges, multiple choice answers and rank order answers. The whole point of LOL is to be as imaginative, clever and amusing with your friends as possible. With infinite possibilities and guaranteed laughs, Bakushow is never the same game twice!

“We love LOL, and think it’s a completely unique game, however we think it’ll be tough to sell into the retailers. So we decided to release it exclusively online. Hopefully it catches some attention like Electroplankton did.” said Hiro Fukuoka, producer at Agetec. “LOL will be available through on the day of its release, and we’re currently looking for an online retailer to do exclusive pre-orders with.”

Key Features:

  • With just one game card, between two and four people can play at a time. Each will need their own Nintendo DS!
  • Bakushow does not use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Your friends need to be within wireless range to play with you
  • Save your favourite answers for eternity
  • Great for play whilst travelling, on holiday or any place where friends get together
  • No single player mode is included so Billy No Mates need not apply!

LOL will be available for purchase in North America on May 30 for $19.99, while Europe will get it on July 4th 2008.

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