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Soldner: Secret Wars

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Jowood
Developer: Wings Simulations
Release Date: June 22, 2004

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'Soldner: Secret Wars' - v33724 Update Patch & Server Available NOW

by Rainier on June 27, 2008 @ 3:25 p.m. PDT

Soldner: Secret Wars takes team based warfare to the next level with a battlefield spanning 18 million square miles featuring fully destructible terrain, you can join a team of mercenaries and engage in fierce firefights with up to 32 players.

Get the Soldner: Secret Wars v33724 Patch & Server off WP (286mb)

Changes Source

- Update physics engine (v0.039 to v0.9)
- Update Phython
- Update MemoryManagement
- Update ZLib
- several changes made to improve MemoryManagement
- reimplemented heartbeat
- fixed heartbeat-bug
- removed heartbeat intensification when jumping
- minor changes done to netcode
- added new feature to show who starts a vote
- changed transmission-settings to all wheeled vehcs
- changed types of some variables for better adjustments in the xml-data
- fixed Collisionbug which allowed players to enter stones, terminals, etc.
- fixed bug regarding the accuracy in ironsight-mode
- fixed bug which allowed simultaneous use of IR and NV
- homing missiles now need a lock to be launched
- reactivated ingame menu music
- deactivated bullet-leaf collision (bulletproof leaves)
- changes made to reduce passengerlag
- fixed "Airbug" (invisible after climbing)
- fixed "Jumpbug" (allowed long-jumps)
- fixed "Binocbug" (shooting with activated binoculars)
- fixed "3rdIR/NVbug" (use of IR/NV while in 3rd person)
- fixed "commanderbug" (commander confirms own teamaccount request)
- fixed "Jumpbug2" (use of binocs while jumping)
- fixed "LockBeyondAOIbug" (lock vehics even outside of AOI)
- fixed "Medikitbug" (score while healing dead comerades)
- fixed calculation of Medikit consumption
- fixed calculation of scoring
- fixed some causes of server-/clientcrashes
- fixed several collisionbugs

XML Changes

- reformatted XLM-files to coherent style and corrected defective entries
- changes made to rockets to improve general performance
- added missing files to meshinfo
- fixed errors in soundinfo.xml
- changed resistance of the trees
- TOW- and Stingerstand can not be moved by helicopters any more
- corrected some rocketlauncher's consumption of ammunition
- decreased power of TOW- and Stingerstands
- restricted range of all rocketlaunchers, bombs, rockets, missiles and tankshells
- increased ammunitioncosts of all rockets/missiles

Weapons and Equipment

- dropped weightlimit on Medikit, Scoutkit and Scubakit
- Scoutkit: lost parachute
- Grenade, Alhambra, TNT and M20 Granates: slightly improved
- ammunition-pack: increased cost to 50
- C4 Timed and C4 Remote: increased damage
- C4 Motion: decreased damage will harm Infantery only)
- PF89 and RPG18: added ability to damage heavy armor
- Neostad, added abitlity to move while kneeling
- all weapons: corrected shell ejection and powdereffects
- added ballistics to sniperweapons
- added breathing to scope-view
- Remington: sound corrected
- decreased soundvolume of M4
- new sounds: SV-98, VSS Vintorez, HK Mark 23 Silenced, MP5 Silenced:
- changed ironsights: Galil, M4 Carbine, M4/M203, M16 A1, M16 A2, HK 21, G36C, HK UMP, HK53, HK G3, Neostead, Ruger MP9, RG6, HK MP5, HK MP5 Silenced und A-91

- changed animations of: P90, Tavor 21, M4/M203, Ruger MP9, AK-74, KG-9, MP5, MP5 Silenced, Calico, Neostead, CheyTac, Hecate II, M93 Black Arrow, SSG 3000, Mechem NTW, Light Fifty, AWM, SV-98


- all turrets are operable by the driver.
- tankshells are visible again
- all vehics with radar: radar supports angle of 360°
- torque: adjustments made to all wheeled vehics
- suspension: adjusted on all vehics
- corrected armor-values of MBTs
- increased vertical deflection of APC's cannons and Vehic’s MGs
- changed cameraposition of all vehic’s MGs
- Tunguskas missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Rolands missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Avenger's missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Type93's missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Humvee will no longer be stopped by fences
- KSK Wolf got the grenadelauncher back again
- Fennek's gunner is visible now
- cool-down time of tank-engines prolonged
- cool-down time of vehic-engines reduced
- corrected drivers animation of Ural-6301 and EQ2102
- corrected weaponbank of TPz Fuchs
- overhauled handling of all amphibious vehics in water
- additional sound of a turbine added to M1A2 Abrams

Helicopters and Jets:

- renamed OA-10 Thunderbolt to A-10 Thunderbolt II
- A-10 got 6 freefall-bombs, 2 laserguided bombs and 2 Hellfire-Rockets
- all flying units: flares moved to weaponslot #1
- increased heat of jets and helicopters
- removed overheating feature of helicopter's MGs
- Hokum got Hellfire Rockets now
- increased Helix armour
- Comanche AntiAir: all weapons are pilot-operated
- increased health of Hind
- adjusted strength of Hydras
- adjusted strength of all missiles with lock
- fixed error at Littlebirg MGs weaponbank
- Gunner of Osprey is no longer able to take over the flares

- reactivated jet propulsion effect on all Jets and VTOLS
- changed weaponsound of UH1D, Littlebird and PAH Tiger
- overhauled handling of all helicopters
- all helicopters react faster now


- won't jump any more
- fixed passengerbug at 'VSV'
- added five passengerslots to Mark V
- removed overheating from Ship-MGs
- corrected type of munition on SOCR-Grenadelauncher


- fixed error in model of KA-29 Helix and HDT-10P
- Humvee has a gunnershield now
- MP5 and MP5 Silenced switched back to old model without scope.
- fixed chain and wheels of Typ98
- fixed several errors at model of Type85
- enlarged models of T80, T90, Type85 and VBL
- downsized models of Landrover, Izh and Lada
- corrected position of Landrovers and Ladas wheels
- fixed errors in lowpoly models of Mowag Eagle Recce, Marder, Avenger, Tpz Fuchs, Type98, Type 63
- reverted bushes to old, quite denser model


- Powerbase
* removed spawnpoints at both harbors
* removed TOW at CP Bravo
* rotated spawnzone of tankterminal at HQ red
* spawnvehicles set to Bradley and Dauphin on both HQs

- Aspenovich
* changed terminals

- Riverside
* removed TOW at both HQs
* removed Stinger at CP Echo
* Terminals at position of Riverside2's HQ Red/Blue removed (as Riverside2 is removed)

- Serpentine
* added terminal to CP Foxtrott

- Saint Rebecca
* spawn vehics limited to Luchs and PCV Jeep on both teams

- Baikal Sea
* removed spawnpoint inside house
* removed heli-terminals in both HQs (there are others behind the base)
* removed defective fence at CP Bravo

- Caledonia
* removed Landrover MG spawnvehicle
* redefined terrain

- Bruma
* Spawnvehics set to Fennek

- Plattenbau
* the level above the HQ level is inaccessible now

- Villariba vs. Villabajo
* removed TOW at CP Bravo

- Deep Forest
* fixed stonebug, so no one can enter it any more

- Mirage
* defanged sniperring around the map
* added new object (crashed LB)

- gEasy Beta Test
* removed Spawnpoint for Landrover MG

- Damaskus

* removed island with heliterminal
* added CP on a island near city

- Volcano

* repositioned flags, changed bases, removed hidden base with heli-terminal
* fixed minor bugs

- Swamp Island

* redesigned map to Infanterie-Only-Map. Removed all vehics

Following maps have been deleted:

- Arena Wars
- Crolle
- Houses
- Lost
- Small Mountains
- Fortress
- Luxusbuerg
- Mekong Delta
- Riverside 2
- SoldnerArena
- Volcano Island

Added following maps:

- Al-Shedin
- River of Kazan
- Countryside
- Warzone


- new object added (destroyed Littlebird)


- made it harder to flip over tanks
- vehics and tanks have less difficulties with barriers and craters
- vehics have the ability to swing out at sharp corners
- changed behavior at collision
- total overhauling of suspension (vehics “dive” when breaking and “take off” when accelerating)
- improved handling of vehics while jumping


- total rework done of settings and pricings for all pistols, rifles, grenades, launchers and equipment (created a new weaponguide to introduce the new weaponclasses)

- overdone balancing of helicopters, vehics and tanks


- KA-Hokum got a new animation for retracting the undercarriage
- added LMG36 (G36 C-Mag) and RPK (AK47 Longmag)
- added default camouflage to vecs for all maptypes (summer, autumn, winter, desert)
- added effect to amphibious vehics while at water
- changed Web Admin default password to 'soldnerserver'
- deactivated AGS V-M-I (Hit the dirt)
- inhibited the use of "!" in playernames

Following Vehicles had to be removed:

- Landrover MG
- M113
- Hovercraft
- M270 MLRS

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