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Playlogic Signs 'Building & Co.: You Are the Architect!'

by Rainier on June 5, 2008 @ 9:27 a.m. PDT

Building & Co is a city builder in which you will deal with all the aspects that come into play during the management of a real building site. You must consider the specifications, the budget and technical constraints as well as delivery timeframes in order to be able to build numerous ambitious buildings!

Far from a simple building site simulation, this City Builder will allow users to familiarize themselves with the building industry and help them learn about the issues linked with a real building site; from drawing plans to managing workers, choosing building materials and respecting the environment.

The user will be given a budget, a deadline, a building site and some specifications: number of floors, minimum size of the rooms, accessibility requirements, etc. Playing as the architect that manages these sites, the user will have to collaborate with advisers such as the staff adviser, the architecture adviser, the building site adviser, the project adviser, and the logistics adviser. He will discover the different work ethics required for the construction of specific buildings such as hospitals, residential buildings, and even entire shopping centres! All have distinct requirements but will still allow the user's imagination to run wild through the creation of their plans and the building materials that they will choose to use.

Entertaining and instructive, simple and addictive, Building & Co: You are the architect! is the first management game to put you in control of a building site and offers a fun, technical approach that will please all fans of the genre.

Features :

  • Draw the design plans, set up the construction schedule and manage the workforce.
  • Build a variety of building projects such as residential buildings, hotels, banks, museums, hospitals and even shopping malls in a rich full 3D environment!
  • Work through highly detailed construction stages with the aid of professional advisers from areas such as Human Resources, Logistics, Architecture and construction to help you achieve success!
  • 20 challenging single player missions with progressive difficulty in different urban environments.
  • A powerful 3D engine that features weather effects, a seasonal cycle, and a 360° camera with zoom facility.
  • Let your imagination run wild with the integrated "sandbox" mode, which provides unlimited freedom to create and construct the building of your dreams.

Playlogic will publish Building & Co: You are the architect!, developed by the French studio Creative Patterns along with the expertise of Palludio Games, in Q3 2008.

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