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Mechanic Master

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Midway

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'Mechanic Master' (NDS) Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 10, 2008 @ 1:08 p.m. PDT

Mechanic Master features 100 levels of puzzling genius challenging the player to build wacky contraptions and to perform simple tasks, like turning on a light bulb or releasing a balloon, in seemingly indirect and convoluted ways using the DS' stylus.

Get the Mechanic Master [NDS] Trailer off WP (7mb)

Mechanic Master for the NDS is a fun problem-solving game for creative minds. Mechanic Master uses the stylus as a weapon to rid the Earth of alien invaders that have scattered across the planet. Become the ultimate Master of Mechanics by creating crazy contraptions to free humans, keep the mechanics in motion and defeat those pesky foes. Test your skills with more than 100 levels! This game calls for problem-solving ingenuity that flies in the face of logic itself, creative-thinking is key to clearing each level.

Anyone familiar with the musings of American political cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Rube Goldberg, will already know the weirdly insane logic epitomized in his world-renowned series, Rube Goldberg Machines. For those yet to experience this mechanical madness, an entire universe of excruciatingly fantastical contraptions await in the guise of Mechanic Master.

As well as Classic and Drawing modes, the game also features a level editor for creating unique puzzles to share with friends via WiFi.

Martin Spiess, Executive Vice President International, Midway Europe, said, "Midway has already seen considerable worldwide success from recently introduced franchises, Game Party and Touchmaster. Mechanic Master is similarly aligned for the Nintendo family-orientated audience and we have high expectations for this title."

Key Features:

  • Classic Mode - Use gravity shifters to change the direction of gravity, laser pistols and mirrors to cut things, a vortex to make things disappear and many more gadgets to keep the contraption in motion and clear the level
  • Drawing Mode - The stylus is your main tool! Use it to draw, move, place and teleport objects to solve the puzzle.
  • Level Editor - Test your gray matter by solving 100 existing levels or use the built-in level editor to create your own contraptions and share them wirelessly with friends
  • Create and share your own levels with friends or send a limited demo version of the game over Wi-Fi

Mechanic Master for the NDS will ship this October 2008

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