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Conspiracy Entertainment Signs 'Chicken Hunter' (Wii)

by Judy on July 15, 2008 @ 10:53 a.m. PDT

Conspiracy Entertainment announced that it has entered into an agreement with casual game developer phenomedia to distribute the character-driven jump 'n' run game, Chicken Hunter for the Wii.

Chicken Hunter for the Nintendo Wii is a 3-D jump 'n' run played from a third-person perspective. The main character carries two tools: A wooden mallet that can be used to hammer down enemies on the ground and a pumpkin gun that rapidly fires pumpkin seeds at airborne attackers. In the jump 'n' run levels in which the character runs, jumps, hammers and shoots alternate with levels in which the chicken rides piggyback on other characters of the Chicken Hunter universe. The gameplay of the ride sequences will differ significantly from the jump 'n' run sequences ensuring a great variety of different challenges throughout the whole game.


  • 3-D jump 'n' run featuring the character from 'Chicken Hunter' with 4 different game modes
  • Single-player Campaign Mode including classical jump 'n' run sequences as well as piggyback rides on a frog, a turtle and a ram
  • 2-player split screen multiplayer races

Marco Huesges, Executive Vice President of Conspiracy Entertainment, said, "phenomedia is internationally renowned for successfully converting well-known movie and music licenses. 'Chicken Hunter' has a huge following in Europe, and we are excited to represent the franchise to North American audiences. 'Chicken Hunter' has enjoyed strong market acceptance on the Nintendo DS platform, and now is ready for play on the Wii. The game on the Wii provides enhanced functionality, including use of the revolutionary motion-sensitive remote controller as well as the unique Nunchuk, for realistic, action-packed entertainment."

Keith Tanaka, CFO of Conspiracy Entertainment, said, "We're excited to bring another title to market for the Nintendo Wii. We are continuing to release titles that appeal to a broad audience and on multiple platforms to create steady sales growth quarter-over-quarter in 2008."

Helge Borgarts, phenomedia publishing gmbh's CEO, is very satisfied with the new game, having said, "For Moorhuhn's first appearance on the Nintendo Wii, we are glad to announce major improvements regarding gameplay and the general look and feel of the game compared to earlier Chicken Hunter games. This a fresh concept for a famous casual icon combined with one of the best casual platforms on the console market — it is bound to have a significant impact."

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