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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: dtp
Developer: Future Games

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'Reprobates' - v1.3.3 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 21, 2008 @ 6:05 a.m. PDT

Reprobates is a classic 3rd person point & click-adventure, bases on the enhanced engine of Black Mirror and Nibiru and will again stun the players with beautiful graphics, highly detailed 3D character models and a thrilling atmosphere and story.

Get the Reprobates v1.3.3 Patch [German] off WP (21mb)

v1.3.3 German Patch


- some localization issues
- CTRL+END to skip minigames localized
- some minor changes


- some localization issues
- shelter will keep objects also after death in the night chapter


- energy removed
- CTRL+END to skip minigames
- quicker Adam's movement


- fix: some Adam's subtitles were written with a wrong colour
- fix: some zoomed dialogs were terminated too early (before the end of the last talk)


- fix: subtitles in cutscenes (intro, outro) are visible
- tweak: minigame safety belt - increased time for the last and the smallest piece


- US version related changes


- some minor changes


- fix: [N2] repeat of taking pills and breaking flashlight
- fix: sometimes the game could be freezed if some automatic action triggers while other action is in progress (e.g. [d5] in the cave)
- fix: some minor graphic issues
- exe: increased level of mouse and keyboard compatibility

v1.2.14 Patch :


- Spiel kann einfrieren, wenn man während spezieller Animationen die Tastatur benutzt
- Startprobleme bei Nacht/Alptraum 1
- Spiel läuft nach Adam's Tod weiter (Tag 4)
- Diverse Game Freezes
- Freeze nach Konfrontation mit Edwin
- Adam's Energiebalken lädt sich automatisch wieder auf
- Wenn Adam stirbt, wird er an die letzte Spielposition zurückgesetzt
- Mousecursor verschwindet in speziellen Situationen und Menüs
- Adam verschwindet in speziellen Situationen


- Memory Leaks behoben
- Memory Management optimiert
- Ablaufsteuerung optimiert
- Mousecursor


- Diverse Grafikprobleme (Lava, Adam's Shirt, usw.)
- Fokus der Menü Items
- Probleme mit dem Krahnseil (Nacht 1) konnten zu Abstürzen führen


- Neue Soundeinstellungen im EngineSetup hinzugefügt. (s.o.)
- Diverse Soundprobleme in Cutscenes

“Reprobates” is the new dark adventure from the creators of the legendary horror adventure “BLACK MIRROR” and of “NIBIRU”.

“Reprobates”, a classic 3rd person point & click-adventure, will again stun the players with beautiful graphics, highly detailed 3D character models and a thrilling atmosphere and story.

The game will be running on the third-generation AGDS engine (AGDS III). The new engine version fully satisfies the visual processing requirements of recent computer games (incl. adventure games). In addition to the realistic animation of game characters and their motions, AGDS III enables you following charecteristics in the game:

  • face-play and emotions in faces
  • ageing and cloth wear
  • atmospheric effect

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