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Nobilis Publishing's Leipzig GC 2008 Lineup

by Rainier on July 22, 2008 @ 6:55 p.m. PDT

With the E3 behind us we can look forward to the next game exhibition, the Games Convention held in Leipzig, Germany from Aug. 20 til 24th. Nobilis will be showing off a slew of titles such as Moto Racer DS, Hotel Giant 2, King’s Bounty: The Legend, Case Closed, Fennimore Fillmore’s Revenge and several others.

Moto Racer DS (NDS)

The “Moto Racer” anthology is taking a new and radical turn! With 7 million units sold to date, the motorbike franchise is back with an astonishing version specially made for the Nintendo DSTM. Faithful to the original game concept, Moto Racer DS will be the first true multi-discipline (“Moto GP”, “Traffic”, “Freestyle”, and “Supercross) motorbike game, for the Nintendo DSTM. But what makes Moto Racer DS a real event is the never before seen and intuitive SPH (Stylus Precision Handling). The exciting arcade gameplay is now powered by the use of the stylus, and the multi-player mode with up to 8 riders via the DSTM’ wireless connection! Come on the road again … but don’t forget your stylus this time!

Release date: Q4 2008

Hotel Giant DS (NDS) & Hotel Giant 2 (PC)

Hotel Giant has been a huge success since 2002, with more than 1 million units sold all over the world! 6 years after the launch of the first edition, Hotel Giant is still among the top 10 sales of several countries (France, Spain, United Kingdom…)!!! The success story continues with Hotel Giant DS, and Hotel Giant 2 PC!

Enter the challenging and luxurious tourism industry and have a lot of fun by building, designing, marketing and managing the most fabulous hotels in the world! Take good care of your customers, to become rich, observant and all-mighty!

Release date: Q4 2008

Hello Kitty Daily (NDS)

Hello Kitty Daily is simply the NEW must have for trendy girls who play NDS. “Trendy?” – Definitely, because it’s a new and smart way to use the NDS and on the top of that ... it’s a new Hello Kitty item!
“Useful?” – It’s not only cool. It’s super practical since this new application allows you to turn the console into a user friendly Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with all the functions modern life requires.

Release date: Q4 2008

Cookie Shop (NDS)

Create the shop of your dreams on the NDS! Cooking is cool and definitely super fun on the NDS. However cooking and then running your own shop to sell the delicious pastries you have made is even more fun and rewarding. That’s what the upcoming “Cookie Shop” game is all about. Improving your recipes, decorating your shop to please customers, monitoring your sales and supplies, building-up solid relationships with your fellow shop owners to get new furniture… “Cook & sell” isn’t it an obvious and appealing promise for the girly DS audience?

Release date: Q4 2008

Case Closed: One Truth Prevails (Wii)

The manga series that sold in the millions is now available on the Wii in a full-blown investigation! Detective Conan fans and young detectives all over the world will enjoy Case Closed: One truth prevails” on the Wii! This adventure game will thrill kids: visit crime scenes, solve enigmas, find clues, collect evidence, play super fun mini-games (football, Super hero arcade battles, and more!), and of course catch the bad guy. Use the Wii-mote to profit of Detective Conan’s gadgets (Solar-powered skateboard, Super sneakers, Bow tie voice transmitter…) that kids love! The real first police investigation for kids on the Wii! And we know how kids could be fans of that theme!

Release date: Q4 2008

I-Fluid (PC)

A very original and refreshing game! Take good care of a drop of water, drive it through different domestic environments and face many dangers: Watch out for absorbing surfaces, use fruits and vegetables to regenerate it with water, stay away from hot surfaces that could evaporate your drop, avoid thirsty insects trying to swallow it up. Come & play this very intriguing and outstanding game concept that has already received 2 prestigious awards: Imagina Games Awards & Special price 3D3!!

Release date: Q4 2008

King’s Bounty: The Legend (PC)

King’s bounty is the combination of a traditional RPG and a turn based strategy game, melted into a delightful heroic fantasy universe. As any traditional RPG you are free to walk around and browse the world map in real time. You will be able to interact with many characters, search for treasures and artifacts, conquer dungeons, recruit new units, explore land and sea and even fly to unknown continents and improve your hero’s skills. But King’s Bounty is also a turn based strategy game. During your progress, traveling through various environments, you will encounter aggressive enemies. Combats will then be set following a turn based hexagonal pattern… This game has created a lot of buzz, “King’s Bounty: The Legend” is highly anticipated!

Release date: Q4 2008

Fennimore Fillmore’s Revenge (PC)

After “The 3 skulls of the Toltecs” in 1996 and the big success of “The Westerner” in 2004, Fenimore Fillmore is back in a new episode! The third episode “Fenimore Fillmore’s Revenge” has been created by a well known Spanish school label adventure games! Fennimore Fillmore’s Revenge is a perfect good old adventure game fans eagerly await!

Release date: Q4 2008

Also, the successful “My Baby Boy” and “My Baby Girl DS (ranked N°1 on Nintendo DS™ French market week 26!), the crazy “Tsumiki, the infernal tower” DS, and 2009 projects “Criminology” DS and “From the Abyss” DS!!

Rendez-vous the 20th to the 24th of August, in Leipzig at the Games Convention!

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