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Kid-Friendly MMO 'Emerald Island' Unveiled

by Rainier on Aug. 15, 2008 @ 2:20 p.m. PDT

Fluid Entertainment announces the title and first details for Emerald Island, their original children's MMO that challenges players to become online eco-heroes in a mission to save a vibrant, imaginary, virtual world from environmental destruction.

Emerald Island marks the next release from Fluid Entertainment, whose development team boasts decades of collective experience creating award winning interactive entertainment for children. The team, led by Scott Mathews, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, has worked on acclaimed entertainment properties, launching games worldwide and in seven languages, for brands including Harry Potter, Pok√©mon, Disney Princess, the Powerpuff Girls, and Mickey Mouse. Fluid’s mission is to create play with purpose and build games around meaningful narratives that weave real world learning into the fun. This approach harkens a return to the forward thinking children’s games of the 1990s, such as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. With the development of Emerald Island, the Fluid team is harnessing their game design expertise to introduce an entirely different type of children’s MMO. Set against an environmentally themed story and delivered in a bright, colorful style, Emerald Island is designed to encourage self-expression, exploration, community participation and global consciousness, within a captivating and, most importantly, fun, online world.

With its official debut this fall, Emerald Island will encourage players to become an integral part of an engaging story and help Tamino, the game hero, save Emerald Island from the threat of the ravaging Pirat antagonists. This band of rowdy rodents has polluted and destroyed Emerald Island’s seven sister islands and now have their sights on Emerald Island. With Emerald Island’s future hanging in the balance, players will be charged to join together through special community events and quests, to protect and restore Emerald Island’s precious environment.

Emerald Island is currently in open beta, offering participants a small glimpse of the emerging narrative and expansive world Fluid plans to unveil. Even in its final stages of developments, the game reveals a richness of experience and standard of play that suggests a new caliber for this genre of MMO. The character generator itself provides stand-alone entertainment, offering players ultimate customization opportunities with countless options to choose from and earn through play. From a duck wearing a beanie to a tiger sporting a bowler, the wacky and eclectic possibilities set the stage for a truly unique and playful game community. Players immediately become proponents of Emerald Island's environmental treasures using a robust gardening simulation to plant and cultivate the 150 different species of plants in the game’s landscape. These early Emerald Island “ambassadors will encounter the world’s natives, who dole out quests, share information, and serve as guides through out the game. During the beta period, Emerald Island is available as a downloadable experience, and the game will launch this fall as a web based application.

Emerald Island welcomes families to get a pre-launch look at the game by visiting the official website. Translating the fun to real world impact, Fluid Entertainment has partnered with Trees for the Future, to plant 10 trees for every child that participates in the Beta.

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