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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Aug. 27, 2008 @ 2:05 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PS3)

Disgaea 3 incorporates features that made the original a fan favorite, while living up to its “Do anything & try everything” philosophy by making radical improvements. One such change is the new netherworld campus setting which gives the game a demented new twist to the Disgaea world.

Disgaea®3 is a sequel to Disgaea®, a hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® Portable. In Disgaea®, character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges, based on level and weapons equipped. There are other special game factors that let you take advantage of the 3D battle map many of which are unique to Disgaea®.

One of the many new feature to Disgaea®3 is the addition of a Geo Block, which creates a 3 dimensional battle instead of the traditional 2D. Much of Disgaea®3 is yet to be unveiled, but rest assured, plenty is due to arrive in the coming months.

Key Features

  • Geo Block - A cube-shaped terrain-altering object. Players can use it to access and attack enemies where normally they cannot reach.
  • Geo Panel - A group of stat-altering elemental properties that are placed upon certain parts of the battlefield. When there are one or more colored panels on the battle grid, it means an element can affect that area. The effect can boost or reduce your unit’s stats.
  • Item World - A special randomly-generated battle stage within each and every item you find. By defeating these special battle stages, you are able to strengthen your items.

Digimon World Championship (NDS)

Based on the hit animated series, epic battles are only part of the action as players prepare their powerful Digimon to fight for special titles, money, and above all the glory of becoming the ultimate Digimon Champion!

In Digimon World Championship, a legendary tournament has just been announced. As a new Tamer, players must utilize a variety of hunting gear to explore and hunt over 200 wild Digimon in their natural habitats. Through intensive training regimens, develop and nurture your assembled combatants into the ultimate fighting force. Take heed as the different development methods used will determine the fighting style and personality of each Digimon warrior.

Players can use different techniques to boost specific Digimon abilities, as they prepare to compete in more than 50 different title matches. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, combining different Digimon with complimentary attributes or preparing them for different battleground environments will ensure success. Tamers can further test their skills and training by challenging friends to multiplayer battles using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Digimon World Championship boasts the following features:

  • A New Kind of Digimon Game: Digimon World Championship features hunting, tactical training, and intense title matches in a first for the popular Digimon World series!
  • Hunt Wild Digimon: Experience the thrill of the hunt and pursue wild Digimon in the vast Digital World. Capture the wild Digimon with weapons, ingenious traps, and more.
  • Remember Your Training: The way a Tamer trains and treats a Digimon will change the way the Digimon fights and acts. Buy and utilize different training aids. Teach your Digimon to be strong, or teach your Digimon to be defensive – it is up to you how to train them! The training combinations are endless.
  • Over 200 Digimon: Digimon World Championship features over 200 Digimon, including returning favorites like Agumon and Gaomon, as well as some new Digimon.
  • A Massive Digital World : Some wild Digimon can be found only in certain environments. Snowy mountains, sandy deserts, and lush jungles abound. As the day changes to night, different Digimon appear. Check back throughout the day to hunt the most elusive Digimon!

Digimon World Championship for Nintendo DS are rated “E” by the ESRB and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99.

MindHabits (PC)

With its scientifically tested challenges that are both simple and fun, “MindHabits” can help you maintain a more positive state of mind resulting in reduced stress and boosted self-confidence in all walks of life, from work to play. Based on more than a decade of research and findings by Dr. Mark Baldwin of esteemed McGill University, “MindHabits” created a sensation at the Games for Health Conference as the first “brain trainer” to not only help you think better, but feel better as well.

“We are particularly pleased to bring ‘MindHabits’ to the PC and Mac platforms,” said Got Game Entertainment President Howard Horowitz. “If you have a computer, you’re ready to launch your new outlook on life.”

According to the developers of “MindHabits”, your frame of mind makes a huge difference in daily self-confidence and ability to deal with stress; research demonstrates the ability to shift this frame using the specially designed “MindHabits” challenges. In one challenge, for example, you must find the smiling faces in a crowd of frowns, which studies have shown can help train your mind to react to positive information. Similarly, word challenges associate certain concepts with your own personal words, reinforcing positive personal associations and activating positive patterns of thought.

Dr. Baldwin’s research shows that playing “MindHabits” can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol by up to 17%, and that benefits can be gained from playing in just 5 minutes a day. Other game features include:

  • 200 levels of game play in 4 core games;
  • Daily tracking of results and measurement of progress over time;
  • Customizable male/female only options;
  • Over 1,500 face images in higher levels;
  • Game play adaptable to player skill level;
  • Ability to customize for age, neighborhood, and facial characteristics; and
  • Science lab that explains how and why “MindHabits” works.

MindHabits, rated “E” for Everyone, debuts at $19.99 (USD).

DT Carnage (NDS)

DT Carnage is a racing title that combines intense racing action with down and dirty tactics in the quest for being number one.

“Players will definitely feel the pressure,” says Mark Johnson, Producer at Agetec. “Not only will they have to sharpen their driving skills, but they’ll have to master using the multiple weapons and explosives at their disposal if they want to survive the race.”

The DT Racing underworld is made up of violence and excitement. Indy racing teams have sectioned off their own turf and race one another for control. Compete in these underground leagues against the other teams to come out on top – but be careful. In the lawless world of DT Carnage, each Indy league you race will try to win by any means necessary. Learning to use their tricks and tactics against them is the only way to survive.

Along with the intense and violent racing action, DT Carnage also features an RPG mode where players can learn the tracks, gain experience to improve their skills, and learn to use their arsenal like a pro. DT Carnage also features over ten unique soundtracks to go along with the spectacular racing and intense explosions.

DT Carnage is rated E10+, and is now available for $14.99.

Falling Stars (PS2)

“Falling Stars is a great game the whole family will appreciate,” said Mark Johnson, Producer at Agetec. “Its cute characters, fun quests, and challenging mini-games are something kids will really enjoy, while the lack of blood and gore usually found in games will prove to be a pleasant change for parents.”

In Falling Stars, players take on the role of Luna, a young girl living in Dazzleon, a land that knows no evil. All of this changes when Luna’s Uncle Matt comes to visit and discovers a curiously strange mine. Matt, intrigued by the mine, decides to make Dazzleon his new home and strikes up his own investigation. He slowly starts becoming possessed by the mine and begins obsessively performing evil experiments. Soon, Matt turns his attention onto his cute and loveable pets, eventually turning them all into hideous and evil monsters. Shortly after realizing her uncle’s lost all the good in his heart, Luna decides to take it upon herself to save him from his own madness and prevent Dazzleon from suffering a gruesome fate.

Falling Stars is rated “E” for everyone and is available for MSRP of $14.99.

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