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Akella's Leipzig Games Convention 2008 Lineup

by Rainier on Aug. 6, 2008 @ 2:35 a.m. PDT

With the Games Convention in Leipzig creeping closer, Akella revealed its lineup of titles it will be showing at the GC, being held in Leipzig, Germany, August 19-24, 2008, including PT Boats, Disciples III, Heavy Duty, Showdown: Scorpion, Numen, Moscow Racer, A Stroke of Fate, Postal 3, and Night Watcher.

Headliners of Akella’s line-up are:

PT Boats (Q4 2008)

PT Boats combines innovative combination of sim, strategy and tactical action. Being a command of Russian, German or Allied navies, gamers can control every aspect of boat's defensive and offensive, from the anti-aircraft guns hobbling your enemy's air superiority to the torpedo strapped to the sides to sink destroyers of merchant vessels.

Moscow Racer (Q1 2009)

The Moscow Racer is created by true enthusiasts of cars, motorsport and computer games. The game represents a sort of racing most people dream about: racing in real cities, with multiple ways, real traffic, high-intense gameplay and, at the same time, racing by rules similar to real autosport.

Disciples III (Q1 2009)

Advances in gameplay and addition of new elements to the original ominous style of the Disciples world make the game even more vivid and interesting. The third part of this well-known sequel will enable a player to experience increased fluidity in multiplayer and less downtime in single-player.

Heavy Duty (Q4 2008)

The planet where Heavy Duty is fulfilled is a unique, self-sufficient and realistic world. A player will be able to see mountain ranges, ice caps, feel storms in the atmosphere and…change the landscape influencing the environment by actions just like any person can do on the Earth. Any part of the planet becomes a war zone as monstrous aliens try to invade it – hot battles, ready-to-die characters and robot fights will leave this planet a real hell littered with their remains.

Showdown: Scorpion (Q4 2008)

The near future is in real danger – terrorists and gangs control most of the cities inhabited with innocent and defenseless citizens. What makes it even worse is a nano-virus acquired by criminals and questioning survival of mankind. So it’s time for a Hero to appear! Scorpion is an operative who is tasked to exterminate a dangerous virus and save people. Multiple gameplay styles with visual effects and attack modes will make this extraordinary FPS an unforgettable experience.

Numen (Q3 2008)

Numen, a beautiful world of Greek myths and legends, romantic ancient times…and fierce battles with monstrosities, bloody sacrifices and rituals make this game an epic adventure interesting to everybody. A player can choose 9 gods to worship and, depending on the god chosen, a character to lead to victory and prevalence over others.

A Stroke of Fate (Q4 2008)

A Stroke of Fate transports you into the world of the 1940s, mixing with the most hated figures in European history; Himmler, Goebbels, Muller and Hitler himself. While you are there though, do you have what it takes to achieve the impossible task that eluded so many others? The final solution to the Hitler problem.

Postal 3 (2009)

Postal 3: After accidently causing a nuclear explosion at the end of an Apocalyptic Weekend, the last game in the Postal 2 series, the Postal Dude finds himself in a new city called Catharsis. Here he is confronted with numerous opportunities of employment necessary for him to continue on his way, and get the hell out of this crazy city.

Night Watcher (2009)

We will be showing our new horror quest Night Watcher (russian demo will be available for review).The journalist Andrei Luzgin arrives in the town of Posolsk to find his missing friend. On arrival, he observed that something strange was happening in the city: people were disappearing without a trace. Corpses with terrible injuries were being found everywhere.

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