Rubik's World

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, Wii
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: The Game Factory

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'Rubik's World' (NDS/Wii) - Screens & Trailers

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2008 @ 5:58 p.m. PDT

Rubik's World is a collection of extremely addictive, easy-to-play 3D puzzle games that will increase in difficulty as the player delves deeper into this world.

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For those who have always wondered what the inside of a Rubik’s Cube looks like, the Game Factory will deliver Rubik’s World during Autumn 2008. Designed for players aged eight and older, this otherworldly game will look and play like no other game on the market. A collection of extremely addictive, easy-to-play puzzle games will increase in difficulty as the player delves deeper into this 3D world.

Each version of Rubik’s World will host its own unique and original series of games. Players will test their brainpower by constructing 3D shapes and objects, navigating through mazes and even creating their own soundtracks. The DS version will allow players to connect to a community of Rubik’s World enthusiasts through the platform’s wireless connection. The Wii™ version accommodates up to four players and will feature an online message board.


In 1980, the Rubik’s Cube, was launched on an unsuspecting world with a Hollywood party hosted by the "other" famous Hungarian Zsa Zsa Gabor. Little did anyone know it would become the world’s biggest-selling puzzle. So iconic did The Cube become that it earned a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary; not to mention worldwide sales exceeding 300 million copies. Today it looks the same, it works the same and it’s still incredibly popular.

The Rubik's Cube has featured in major movies, ad campaigns, generated huge sales of T-shirts and apparel, been used as an iconic image for lottery games and scratch cards; and along with the brand's other 3D twisting puzzles still generates a huge amount of public interest, recognition and affection.


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