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'What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver' (NDS) - New Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 14, 2008 @ 1:04 a.m. PDT

What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver walks players through virtual and real-life cooking situations, from shopping to chopping, dressing the dish to serving up meals.

The portability of NDS means Jamie Oliver is with you every step of the way to offer help and inspiration at the supermarket, in the kitchen, on the barbecue or wherever you feel like cooking up a storm.

Try your hand at some delicious real cooking with the interactive cookbook, stuffed with 100 original Jamie Oliver recipes, mouth-watering photography by David Loftus of the quality we've come to expect from Jamie's books, and featuring voice recognition leaving hands free to concentrate on the cooking. The interactive shopping list automatically saves ingredients from chosen recipes (either Jamie Oliver's or your own creations) and organizes them by food type making trips to the supermarket a breeze. You can add any other items you want to the list using the keypad or text recognition.

In the spirit of Jamie Oliver's books and TV shows, the creative mode encourages players to use hundreds of hand-picked ingredients to create their own dishes. Up to 100 of your own unique recipes can be saved on the NDS to be recreated in the kitchen later and shared with friends and family using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The cooking games offer fun for everyone with a series of recipe challenges using the stylus to chop, stir and serve in a variety of virtual real-time 3D kitchen settings. Challenge your friends and family to a cook-off or beat the clock, all the while keeping quality and taste in mind on your way to becoming a top chef.

Key Features:

  • Test Kitchen: Players can follow Jamie Oliver’s detailed step-by-step instructions to prepare 30 courses with the Stylus.
  • Challenge mode: Users are challenged to recreate 25 recipes as fast as they can.
  • Time attack mode: Players are given 15 challenges to recreate cooking methods as fast as they can.
  • Creative cooking mode: Players get to use a huge variety of ingredients, utensils and appliances to experiment with their own ideas.
  • Interactive Cookbook: Extensive library of 100 Jamie Oliver recipes that users can try their hand at in their real-life kitchen.
  • Interactive Shopping list: With their DS in hand, users won’t forget any vital ingredients at the supermarket.
  • Share your recipes: Gamers can share their recipes through wireless with friends.

What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver is scheduled for release across North America in October 2008.

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