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38 Studios to Add Vivox's Voice Tech Into its Upcoming MMO

by Rainier on Sept. 16, 2008 @ 11:07 a.m. PDT

Vivox announced that it has entered into an agreement with 38 Studios to provide voice technology for their upcoming MMO game.

“38 Studios has quickly established itself as a creative heavyweight in the development community and we believe the innovative use of voice further extends that creativity throughout the entertainment experience,” said Rob Seaver, CEO, Vivox. “By choosing Vivox and designing with voice chat in mind, 38 Studios will be equipped with a powerful tool for providing the players with the best possible experience and strengthening community and social relationships.”

Vivox voice services are used to build and strengthen community, thereby enhancing online gaming experiences. In this deal, Vivox will provide 38 Studios with the most advanced real-time communication service, including support for massive live events, in- and out-of-game chat, game-to-mobile calling and SMS. These custom-tailored features will be packaged into a 38 Studios branded version of the Vivox voice client and tightly integrated into the game environment.

“As we continue to develop our signature Online Entertainment Experience, 38 Studios aims to transform MMO gameplay beyond what is currently available,” said Brett Close, CEO and President, 38 Studios. “Vivox has the most reliable and proven voice technology services on the market, hands down. By implementing voice early in the process, we can strengthen the player experience and offer unified, immersive communications from the onset.”

Led by the artistic vision of Todd McFarlane and the enthralling storytelling of R. A. Salvatore, 38 Studios is developing an original IP – a world made up of fantastical elements, settings, characters, creatures, rules, and experiences. The IP will encompass multiple media forms including the online game experience that is currently scheduled for release in late 2010.

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