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'Shadow Assault Tenchu' Coming to XBLA, Achievements Revealed

by Rainier on Sept. 25, 2008 @ 5:21 p.m. PDT

Revealed through Australia's OLFC weeks ago, Japanese magazine Famitsu confirms that From Software is bringing its Tenchu franchise to Xbox Live Arcade. Details are slim but Shadow Assault Tenchu is said to be coming to XBLA next month, for 800 Points, will be played from a top down view, much like the Bomberman series, and support multiplayer up to 4 players.


  • Neophyte: Finish Mission 1 without being spotted by anyone except Echigoya (10 Points).
  • Apprentice: Finish Mission 28 without being discovered by anyone (10 Points).
  • Footsoldier: Finish Mission 8 with at least 90 seconds left (10 Points).
  • Genin: Finish Mission 21 with at least 60 seconds left (10 Points).
  • Spy: Finish Mission 11 without taking any damage (15 Points).
  • Chunin: Finish Mission 26 without taking any damage (15 Points).
  • Oniwaban: Pull off a 15-hit combo in solo play (15 Points).
  • Jonin: Pull off a 20-hit combo in solo play (15 Points).
  • Veteran Ninja: Pull off a 25-hit combo in solo play (20 Points).
  • Expert Ninja: Unlock Kagura (20 Points).
  • Master Ninja: Unlock Onikage (25 Points).
  • Legendary Ninja: Unlock all available characters (35 Points).

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