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'Beyond Protocol' Now Accepting Open Beta Sign-ups

by Rainier on Sept. 27, 2008 @ 12:10 a.m. PDT

Beyond Protocol is an MMORTS that puts you in control of a group of colonists who believe that you can bring them the happiness their ancestors had on Earth. Your actions and leadership will bring forth changes sought by all who step Beyond Protocol. Fans interested in participating in the open beta can sign up here ...

Beyond Protocol is an MMO RTS game that places you in a time where billions of Earth's exiles seek out the leadership of a few. You are placed in control of a group of colonists who believe that you can bring them the happiness their ancestors had on Earth. Your actions, leadership, and desire will bring forth changes sought by all who decide to step Beyond Protocol.

The light of a new dawn approaches and with it comes the support of your small band of followers. These believe you to be their greatest hope for happiness and security. They may be a motley crew of Earth’s exiles, but with your guidance and perseverance they could ascend to the heights of galactic power. Be it through the path of a warmonger, utilizing brute force, tactical foresight, and utter domination to bring the powers that be to their knees. Or by the light of technologic superiority, turning back the onslaught of many with a few, while supplying any you deem worthy, the necessary equipment to defend their own people. Perhaps trade is your avenue, seeking financial security by dealing anything and everything to the highest bidder, from the smallest of scout craft to the largest of capital ship, or any of the nearly limitless unique resources, while saving only the best for yourself. Maybe you would prefer to influence those around you behind the scenes, through espionage and deceit, as you order your spies to cripple your enemies from within while selling their secrets to anyone willing to pay for them. Should you find yourself up against dangerous odds, you have the choice of recruiting other leaders to serve in your empire as field marshals. Their permissions could range from simply managing your communications, to aiding in the production of your fleets, to commanding your war efforts on the front line. This is your empire, let no one separate you from your calling and let no one stand in the way of your greatness. All of this and more is possible if you are willing to venture, Beyond Protocol.

What do you get by Preordering?

  • Instant access to the Closed Beta and access to the game until live release, for those of you who can’t wait for Open Beta or don’t want to be left out.
  • The first month’s subscription AFTER the game’s live release.
  • A 24 hour head start on all non preordered accounts, so you can establish yourself and perhaps your guild, before the public arrives.
  • Preorders are also forever endowed with a special hull type. This hull will only be available in the hull designer of a preordered account. Use it to create a super elite task force, a well defended convoy, or a bargaining chip on the open market. The choice is yours if you preorder!

What if an entire guild preorders?

Another great reason to preorder, and get your friends to do the same, becomes apparent if you intend to found, join up with, or even look for a guild before the game goes live. Any guild with 20 preorders before October 1st will be awarded, not only a special space station hull, but in addition a special skin for that station which includes a logo of that guild’s design. The special hull is permanent, while the special skin requires only that the guild be active in the game to retain it.

What is this going to cost?

The preorder is 49.95 USD and you can choose to have the retail box shipped to you for an additional shipping charge.

Subscription costs?

  • 12USD per month
  • 30USD per quarter (3 months)
  • 100USD per year (12 months)

Finally, if you are already in the Beta and it's motivation you're looking for, here it comes. If a tester account logs over 10 days worth of in game play time from September 1st, 2008, to October 31st, 2008 AND preorders the game, that account will receive a special rate of 15USD per quarter for the life of the account. Want to know how much you have? Do a /played in your chat window and it will tell you.

Features :

  • Epic MMO Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set on thousands of unique worlds in hundreds of star systems with each planet giving specific advantages and disadvantages to those who call it home.
  • Lead your forces in planetary and space combat simultaneously and in real-time against thousands of other players.
  • The first ever RTS that provides fully customizable units. You have the ability to design each component of every unit and facility giving you the ultimate power and flexibility to create your own strategy.
  • Intense 3D graphics with player customizable features such as engine glow, beam color, clarity, and shield bloom provide cinematic video effects and scenery. With 3D planet terrains, planning for defensive and offensive positioning are required as you discover the terrain and how it can benefit your endeavors.
  • Form alliances, join guilds and take part in the most dynamic and intricate political arena available in gaming. Employ your political skills to change the course and even the laws of the game through the galactic senate.
  • Everything you do remains when you log off. Your empire continues to build, grow and battle even while offline in this truly persistent universe.
  • Build a colony on your home world- allying with or destroying other players also claiming that world as home, launch endeavors to build space stations, explore your solar system, exploit and colonize other planets and other star systems.
  • Gather mineral wealth for use in trades or technology design.
  • Organize your forces and colonies so that control can be maintained even while offline through portable electronic devices and email.
  • You choose your destiny! Are you to be a conquering emperor? A manipulative trade mogul seeking the highest prices for your wares? A diplomatic leader forming powerful alliances and influencing others to aid you in your goals? A treacherous leader of espionage seeking out and leveraging the secrets of other empires? The opportunities and options are limitless.
  • You choose your depth of play! Through cooperative play, you and your friends can control a single empire and through aliasing, your friends can play your empire from their own account allowing for multiple players to control the actions of the empire simultaneously. Truly cooperative play in an MMO setting.

Beyond Protocol is an MMORTS in development by Dark Sky Entertainment. The setting of which is far into humanity’s future where the descendants of earth try to build civilizations of their own amongst the vast reaches of space. The player assumes command of a band of these colonists and attempts to do just that. This game boasts many ambitious features, some of which have been seen before, but never in such quality or quantity, and some which have yet to be attempted. There are four distinct play types within the game, each with its own facets: Espionage, Trade, Research, and War. Each of these roles is useful and they are all well balanced and non exclusive so players are encouraged to find their niche. One of the unique features, the Alias system, gives players the opportunity to play as a truly cohesive unit. It allows multiple accounts to manipulate the same Empire simultaneously for purposes as varied as tactical support, to increasing productivity, to research assistance, to espionage strengthening, or simply general management.

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