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Good Old Games Enters Beta Stage

by Rainier on Sept. 3, 2008 @ 9:35 a.m. PDT

From Monday Sept. 8 onward, the Good Old Games closed press beta will come to an end and the Early Access Beta will begin. Anyone who has signed up will receive an access key during the next week, granting them access to the ever-growing catalogue of tantalizing classic games.

While a closed beta was planned for August, the incredible reaction from gaming media and gamers themselves to the announcement exceeded the wildest expectations of the team. Instead of offering just a small group of gamers access, the team decided to open the doors to everyone who signed up. “We want to reward everyone who showed us support, and thus decided to give everyone access to the beta site. Of course this meant we had to add all sorts of finishing touches to the site and test the new payment system, which caused a small delay. We used that extra time well and now we can provide players with the best experience possible… until, you know, we make it even better,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of

During the Early Access Beta stage will offer all the main features of the site, including buying DRM-free good old games. “We have prepared about 30 acclaimed titles from Interplay and Codemasters at this stage, but we'll add more every week. Aside from buying games, all users will be able to join the community, add comments, write reviews and download additional materials for the games they bought. It’s a beta that works just like the final site will.” - said Oldakowski.

To further reward early adopters, the Team has created a special limited-time promotion for anyone granted early access. Everyone who buys a game during the Early Access Beta period will receive a bonus code they can redeem to get any game from’s illustrious Interplay product catalogue! Aww, poor little gamer didn’t sign up for info at Don’t cry, little buddy – the Team is accepting new signups till Sunday, September 7, at Midnight (EDT).

Anyone dying to get into the action should visit Good Old Games to sign up, and they’ll soon be on their way to gaming like it's 1995.

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