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'Nanoverse Online' Announced

by Rainier on Sept. 4, 2008 @ 3:05 a.m. PDT

Nanoverse Online is a free-to-play next gen MMO where hundreds of thousands of players compete in a uniquely persistent world, the micro cosmos. The game is centered on Nanobots, complex structures of small nano modules connected to each other and interacting with a world featuring exceptional physical conditions.

The game is centred on Nanobots, complex structures of small nano modules connected to each other and interacting with a world featuring exceptional physical conditions.

NanoBots will come in all flavours and colours. They consist of many single nano modules that shape them and define their features and strength. The variety of modules ranges from simple, static modules, propulsion systems, shields, energy generators, weapons, containers to modules with special functions.

Each player starts with a single module and can build around that when gaining more and more resources. The connections between modules can either be fixed or flexible based on rules defined in the connected modules, physical conditions in the world or impacts with other objects.

The combination of modules in NanoBots defines their integrity, energy resources, protection, offensive powers and propulsion capabilities. Players decide whether their NanoBots will be highly effective attack vehicles, defensive flying fortresses, fast and agile speed-bots or versatile all-round bots.

Key Features :

  • Next generation massively multiplayer
  • Single persistent universe
  • Free download, free to play
  • DirectX 10 support
  • Unique physical world conditions
  • Dynamically generated world areas offering unprecedented game play
  • Flexible, freely customizable NanoBot advancement
  • Player run, pleasingly complex, economy
  • Advanced multiplayer game play featuring clans, bases, goals and objectives
  • Unrestricted PvP (Player vs. Player)
  • Easy to access, hard to master

The world of Nanoverse Online is a micro cosmos. Single blades of grass as big as monster trees, rocks as big as mountains, rain drops falling on your NanoBot with massive effects. The world is a huge playground and excels by its challenging physical conditions. There are huge magnetic fields, extreme weather effects, devastating particle vortexes, anti-gravitational areas, atmospheric pressure changes and more.

In a macro world we experience normal weather effects as nothing above the ordinary. Rain, wind or hail is something completely different in the nano world. A grain of hail or a drop of rain can have disastrous effects on your NanoBot.

Parts of the game world are dynamically created areas that can change regularly. Quests in such areas are always different and exciting.

The economy in Nanoverse is both driven by the game mechanics and the players themselves. Basic items and modules are offered in NPB (Non-Player Bot) shops, but the top equipment can only be crafted by players and thus is only offered at player markets.

Trade will play an important role to gain more power, not just how tough and intelligent you and your NanoBot are in battle. Crafting and knowledge of the market requires lots of skills, because the variety of creatable modules, items and combination of materials is huge.

We play massively multiplayer games because we seek the challenges involved in playing with or against other human beings. Not only for a quick match, but continuous rivalry and fellowship of epic proportions. Nanoverse Online features highly advanced multiplayer gameplay.

  • Unrestricted PvP (Player vs. Player)
  • Clans and clan relationships
  • Clan goals with automatically created objectives in respective areas
  • Ownable world structures (bases, factories, energy plants, turrets)
  • Fight for precious resources
  • Fun PvE (Player vs. Environment) in groups

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