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'Arcanum' - Unofficial v081229 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 1, 2009 @ 2:40 a.m. PST

Sierra's Arcanum, developed by now defunct Troika Games, is an isometric RPG that creates a compelling new world where magic and technology coexist in an uneasy balance. This v081229 patch fixes some of critical bugs, adds some lost content, fixes stats on lots of NPCs, and plenty more.

Get the Arcanum v081229 patch off WP (20mb)


1. Run the game with -dialognumber parameter, it will show internal numbers for PC lines in dialogues. Right click on your desktop link to the game and add it. E.g. it'd look like "C:SierraArcanumArcanum.exe -dialognumber". It will be much more easier to report broken lines this way.
2. I added a cheat menu to Virgil's dialogue. It gives you all map locations, mastery in any skill, fate points, XP, gold, changes your alignment, turns on PC boats and even lets you force the story line status, thus making almost every quest available from the start. Create a "dlg" folder inside your arcanumdata folder and put the file there. The cheat menu is accessible via Virgil's questions' branch.
3. If you're tired of hitting ESC two times every time you launch the game, then use this fix to disable the starting movies. Just put the file into your Arcanum folder.

The patch is designed to work with a vanilla English version of the game, patched to NO MODS SHOULD BE INSTALLED. The patch most likely won't be compatible with them.

The CD check has been removed as well, no point in it after all these years.

Although it's not obligatory, it's advised that you start a new game. Some fixes (e.g. Kraka-Tur journal) won't work with old saves.

[I] Decreased loading times by optimizing the prototypes generation procedure. The game now starts almost instantly (without movies). WorldEd is fixed as well.
[F] Fixed a problem with the Tarant University steamrail station, it was giving you money instead of taking it when going to either docks or the park.
[R] Added missing visual effects to Droch's Warbringer and Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle.
[A] Added paperdoll art to Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle.
[A] Added paperdoll art to Large Venom-Shielded Garment.
[R] Restored the original paperdoll art for Tesla Gun.
[R] Restored the original art for Mage's Staff, Shaman's Staff and Staff of Healing (this fix was originally available in the Extra Pack).
[I] Improved paperdoll art for Staff, Quality Staff, Mage's Staff, Shaman's Staff, Staff of Healing, Shocking Staff, Tesla Rod, Short Bow, Railroad Spike and Balanced Sword by remaking it from original templates with proper resampling.
[R] Engine explosions now play correct sound effects.
[F] The display case in the Misk's residence now doesn't show a book when "The Book of Durin's Truth" is removed. However, the art reappears if the book is put back.
[F] Removed a line leading to a wrong response in Captain Wheeler's dialog.
[F] Swyft now has correct age.
[R] K'na Tha's townmap is now fixed (Gorgoth pass' townmap no longer overlaps it).
[F] The townmap of Simeon Tor's chamber no longer contains older graphics.
[F] If K'an Hua was killed by Nasrudin, he won't appear in the Panarii temple when the PC tells Alexander about the Dark Elves' conspiracy.
[F] Torian Kel now has proper dialog when he attacks and kills Bane of Kree.
[R] Now you can tell Arronax that you've talked to Kerghan, this restores a part of Arronax's dialog.
[F] Fixed problems with Magnus' dialog becoming broken if you first talk to him while being invisible, having a body spell, having summoned creatures or being polymorphed.
[R] Removed age censorship, age below 20 is now possible. Half-Orcs are now 15 y.o. by default, while Orcs are 10, as it was intended.
[C] CN1 doesn't result in heal rate of 0 anymore.
[R] Restored a missing line in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root.
[F] Fixed a line leading to a wrong response in Dante's dialog.
[R] Restored Whysper's dialog for dummies, now it's actually possible to take her quest when playing as a dummy.
[F] Fixed some wrong conditions in Franklin Payne's dialog.
[R] Fixed Wheeler's dialog for dummies, now it's possible to talk to Donn Throgg as a dummy.
[F] Corrected Raven and Z'an Al'urin's ages.
[F] A skeleton in Ashbury's haunted castle can no longer be resurrected.
[R] Restored bank robbery sound effects.
[F] After asking Z'an Al'urin a question the dialog now returns to the correct line.
[R] The ending where both Gilbert Bates and Cedric Appleby are dead is now available.
[F] Bentley's doors can now be opened if Milo's not around/his body decayed.
[F] Fixed responses to unusual PC appearance in train ticket agents and train conductors' dialogs.
[R] Now it's possible to tell Randver that you killed his father when playing as a dummy. Fixed other broken conditions as well.
[F] Fixed problems with Caleb Malloy's quest. Now the quest gets botched if you tell Caleb that you've been assaulted, various loops in his dialog (including a money loop) have been fixed too. Also Caleb now recognizes if Malek is lying dead in the pub.
[F] Fixed several loops in Nasrudin's dialog when playing as a dummy.
[R] Restored windowed mode support. "-window" command line argument is added.
[I] Fixed the art for follower's fatigue bar.
[F] You can no longer talk to Pollock before getting the quest by using invisibilty.
[A] Added missing special effects to Dark Helm.
[F] The Vial of Dragon's Blood now gets destroyed after its use.
[F] Once you betray the Bedokaan, the quest to kill the poachers now gets botched.
[F] If you don't show the skull from Nasrudin's tomb to Hadrian, the quest will still be marked as completed in all cases.
[I] Removed artifacts from the navigation button in WorldMap UI.
[C] F6 now calls "#Move" command instead of "Follow" (which wasn't working). "#Move" command makes all your followers change their position (they will just occupy another free tile), this may be useful if they're blocking your way.
[R] Restored a correct attack line in Grunwalde's dialog.
[F] The quest specific lines in Edwin Wallows' dialog are no longer repeatable.
[F] You can't trigger Jormund's quest anymore if you kill Wrath yourself. Jormund won't talk to you in this case.
[R] If you attempt to resurrect Wrath, you now get an extra line in Jormund's dialog.
[F] Removed a wrong check in Jormund's dialog.
[F] Fixed problems with Maxim building Mechanized Gun. Now the components get properly destroyed even if they are in an inventory of any party member.
[F] Harrow now takes into account your damage bonus when calculating fatigue damage.
[F] Fixed a blank note on one of dark elf corpses in the Black Mountain mines.
[F] Fixed looping dialog with Geoffrey Tarrellond-Ashe. You can no longer ask him about his background and why he's outside the graveyard more than once.
[R] Restored missing lines in Geoffrey Tarrellond-Ashe's dialog. If you try to leave the graveyard and Geoffrey leaves the group as a result, you now get a special dialog when talking to him again, that lets you ask him to rejoin.
[F] A copy of the "Garringsburg Heist" paper on Rorry Limes now sets the correct flag when used, just like the other copies.
[F] You can no longer examine Rorry Limes' passport if it's not in your inventory.
[F] You can no longer deceive the half-ogre guarding the painting if you have not read the note.
[F] Fixed a problem with Mr. Razzia's dialog checking for the Roseborough Inn's matchbook instead of Preston Radcliffe's passport. Also, the dialog tree pertained to the passport is no longer repeatable.
[F] Added a missing dialog to a Human Villager in Shrouded Hills.
[F] Fixed repeatable lines when asking for locations of Dernholm and Stillwater in the generic citizen's dialog. Fixed some wrong conditions as well.
[F] Fire Obstruction now makes NPCs hostile.
[R] It's now possible to tell Willoughsby that you killed Heinrich Jenks after hearing his offer.
[R] If you fail to convince Donn Throgg to surrender, you can now tell Wheeler so, and he will offer you a task of killing Throgg.
[F] Fixed a wrong female line in Donn Throgg's dialog.
[F] Fixed a wrong female line in Waromon's dialog.
[F] You can no longer ask Waromon about the imprisoned elven hunter once Kan Kerai frees him.
[F] A trash can in front of the Ashbury's town hall now has a correct icon and sound effects.
[F] The map of the Tarantian Sewers no longer shows deleted areas.
[F] You can no longer ask Dernholm guards why they don't like "him" (Garrick Stout) before actually asking who's in charge of them.
[F] The chest icon is now of the correct size and doesn't overlap the menu's graphics.
[F] Fixed incorrectly numbered responses of noble females to the PC wearing barbarian clothes.
[F] You can no longer ask guards where to find an Expert trainer for throwing more than once.
[R] The Invisibility spell now has dispelling special effects.
[C] Thorvald is now 300 years old (instead of 100).
[F] Fixed incorrect floating lines in Stanley Hippington's dialog.
[F] The fake blue bunny's death now uses the correct flag.
[F] Fixed repeatable lines in Stanley Hippington's dialog.

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