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Burn Zombie Burn

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Publisher: Pinnacle Software
Developer: Doublesix
Release Date: March 26, 2009

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'Burn Zombie Burn' (PS3) Gets Release Date

by Rainier on Jan. 12, 2009 @ 5:45 a.m. PST

Set across six classic American horror movie-inspired levels, Burn Zombie Burn is a third-person shoot-'em-up in the classic coin-op tradition featuring next-gen gameplay mechanics, and possessing that "one-more-go" addictiveness that defines all of the great shooters.

You play Bruce – an average every-day Joe who was looking forward to some ‘quality time’ with his girlfriend Daisy. In true B-movie style their Saturday night is ruined by an invasion of zombies. Set across six classic American horror movie inspired levels, Burn Zombie Burn is a third-person shoot-em-up in the classic coin-op tradition featuring next-gen game play mechanics, and possessing that ‘one-more-go’ addictiveness which define all of the great shooters.

The aim of the game couldn’t be simpler; shoot, burn and blow up as many brain munching zombies as possible using a variety of classic zombie killing weapons before they overwhelm you. Use fire to build up your multiplier and then destroy zombies en masse with explosives to increase that oh-so-important leaderboard high score. But beware! A burning zombie is a faster zombie – burn too many and they will burn you!

Burn Zombie Burn is frantic, arcade gaming at its best, delivering humour and bloody zombie violence in copious amounts!.

Each type of zombie has its own behavioural pattern, strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to players to discover the most effective tactics to deal with them on their way to racking up that high score and of course staying alive. So, on to our undead roll call!

  • Normal – The every day, humdrum, wants-to-eat-your-brains zombie. They shamble slowly around until they get close and then they rush towards you
  • Exploder – Big flashing lights make sure these walking bombs are clearly visible. Don’t get too close or they’ll try to take you with them
  • Crazy – Identifiable by their beanie hats, these zombies will chase you clear across the map
  • Dancers – Dancers hate it when you look at them and will try and dance around to attack you from the back
  • Rushers – The jocks of the zombie world, they’ll charge you at speed but they’re not too bright and can’t turn very well
  • Riot – These zombies have taken precautions, with welder’s masks to protect their faces and dustbin lids to protect their bodies, they can only be shot from behind
  • Noxious – These diseased zombies can cause damage if you get near them but worse still – they can infect other zombies with a plague that turns them green and makes them immune to fire and dance guns. Kill these quick!
  • Super Zombie – He’s big, he’s strong, his brain’s in a jar and he has serious bowel problems! Pretty much immune to everything except explosives, the Super Zombie is hard to kill.

Key Features :

  • Six American horror movie inspired playable levels – The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-In, Military Base and Secret Lab
  • Three single-player modes – Freeplay, Timed and Defence
  • Two player Co-op and Versus modes (Freeplay and Timed only)
  • Ten bloody and gag-filled custom Challenges across all levels including ‘My Exploding Zombie Head!’ (kick it around the map and shoot to detonate), ‘Zombies Ate My Teddy!’ (zombies are after your teddy. Stop them!) and ‘Lawn of the Dead!’ (a lawnmower and a lot of zombies. You work it out!)
  • Eight zombie types to slaughter, each with their own behaviourial patterns, strengths and weaknesses – Normal, Exploder, Crazy, Dancers, Rushers, Riot, Noxious and Super Zombie!
  • Fantastic range of primary weapons to dish out some zombie hurt with including baseball bat, chainsaw, lawnmower and the Brain Gun!
  • Dish out additional zombie pain with pickup enhanced Timed, Proximity and Remote Explosives for that nice, at a safe distance zombie evisceration!
  • Set fire to zombies to net a big score multiplier. The more zombies on fire, the bigger your multiplier and the quicker your score rises
  • Level Event on every level activated by keeping on killing with the same weapon to build up a combo ticker. Max out three and the Event is activated, a different one for each level, including a UFO, a God Ray and Laser Beams, all of which will help you out
  • Three in-game characters; Bruce - across between Bruce Campbell and Elvis, Bruno – Bruce’s quieter brother, and Daisy – Bruce’s girl

Burn Zombie Burn will be available on PlayStation Network March 30, 2009

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