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Niki: Rock 'n' Ball

Platform(s): Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Bplus
Developer: Bplus

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'Niki: Rock 'n' Ball' Coming to WiiWare Next Week

by Rainier on Jan. 21, 2009 @ 2:41 p.m. PST

Bplus's arcade platformer Niki: Rock 'n' Ball is a jump'n roll game where you must collect all the 6 ZeLeLi pearls in sequence, in a stage, and conquer all the monsters to open the portal to the next stage.

In the far future:

Now that the black Shadow Plättchen had failed to stop the birth of the ZeLeLi, they began to thrive in the wide expanse of far-flung space, spreading havoc. A planetary system far away from ours was not spared either; these creatures paid a visit. All the living creatures there were transformed into balls and attacked by the monsters created by the black Shadow Plättchen.

Niki, a small ball-shaped lad, stood up against the monsters to protect his village, but hardly stood a chance with his spherical form. So far, that is! During one of his battles he comes across a mysterious ZeLeLi amulet, which gives him the ability to change into a hard rock and thereby free his village from the monsters. Collect all the 6 ZeLeLi pearls in sequence, in a stage, and conquer all the monsters to open the portal to the next stage.

Niki: Rock 'n' Ball is a new interpretation of the unforgettable Arcade classics, where the only goal is to vanquish all opponents to reach the next stage, with a completely innovative and unique gaming mechanism and beautiful 2.5D graphics.

Roll along with Niki Ball through fantastic worlds, find all the ZeLeLi pearls and liberate your village from cuddly as well as evil monsters before it is too late!

Timing is everything! Jump in the nick of time to avoid landing amidst barbs and hop about across the stages, thanks to the realistic gaming physics. Snap on the ZeLeLi amulet, transform yourself into Niki Rock and force even the most obstinate monster to its knees!

Explore all the stages and win valuable medals dribbling through them alone or along with a friend.

Play Niki: Rock 'n' Ball with all the familiar controls in the Retro style or experience the novel controls in the Wii style!

Niki - Rock 'n' Ball will be available on the WiiWare channel Jan. 26, 2009 for 500 WiiPoints.

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