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We Ski and Snowboard

Platform(s): Wii
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Namco Bandai / Atari Europe

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'We Ski and Snowboard' (Wii) - 8 New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 27, 2009 @ 4:12 a.m. PST

We Ski and Snowboard, known in Europe as Family Ski and Snowboard, adds high-performance snowboarding, as well as developed skiing functionality, two new mountains, and a complete snow park with fun boxes, rails and a half-pipe, where both skiers and snowboarders alike can grab huge air and over-the-top aerial tricks.

Amongst the abundance of gameplay advances jostling for space on the slopes in this latest instalment of the Wii Balance Board standout series are all-new high performance snowboarding, enhanced skiing functionality, two statuesque new mountains to conquer and an additional 10,000 vertical metres to hurtle down. There’s big, big air to be grabbed by skiers and snowboarders alike with fun boxes, rails and a half-pipe all throwing down the thermal gauntlet to players as they test their skills to pull off an array of wild aerial tricks.

We Ski & Snowboard is a wintry thrill ride through many different environments on the awesome Mt. Angrio and cool Jamboree Snow Resort. Players enjoy the classic motion-based controls popularized by We Ski, using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers, or by adding the increased realism of the Wii Balance Board for even more ski and snowboard action. Custom characters and player Mii's add even more dimension to snow-capped adventures across even more mountain terrain than ever with vast free-riding areas. Leisurely gondola rides to sloping peaks invite a breathtaking panoramic experience, while heli-drops from extreme dizzying heights offer-up opportunities to shred down vertical drops and severe precipices. (Players should be sure to watch out for avalanches!)

Hot Doggers can quench their thirst for excitement with half-pipe courses, ski technique challenges and a snowboard park, while loungers can look forward to other activities such as ski school, board school, moguls and slaloms, hide-and-seek, tag or even a nature tour. Players can enjoy the sprawling vistas with day, night and dusk skiing, allowing for a myriad of colorful and panoramic contexts to an ever-expanding list of uniquely fun experiences. The whole family can still enjoy fast-paced racing action or free-skiiing with four-player fun, while single players can enjoy up to three computer-controlled ski buddies.

We Ski and Snowboard will again drift into European homes in February 2009, while it is set for March in North America.

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