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'Drama Queens' (NDS) Announced

by Rainier on Jan. 8, 2009 @ 8:45 a.m. PST

Be the most popular girl in town with Majesco's new NDS title Drama Queens. Whether it's bagging a big promotion or stealing another girl's boyfriend, players can choose how they claw their way to the top in this ultra dramatic virtual 3D board game.

In Drama Queens, players assume the role of one of four girls, each with her own personality and special attributes.

As their chosen character, players spin the game wheel to advance her through the 3D board game environment that offers options at every branching path. Should she further her career by working towards the big promotion, build her relationships by going shopping with girlfriends or focus on finding that one true love? As each girl moves around the board, she also earns points that can be applied towards securing "Best Friends Forever" (BFFs), boyfriends, and new outfits from the Fashion Boutique.

But just like in real life, things are rarely that smooth. Landing on a Drama Space can lead to all kinds of sticky situations, like getting fired or losing a boyfriend to a competing girl. Players can also create their own drama with secret cards that let them steal boyfriends or promotions and add BFF points. Four boards range from the shopping mall to the runway and dance club, while multiplayer mode lets up to four friends play a fierce cat fight to see who is the most popular queen diva.

Developed by Sensory Sweep, Drama Queens for NDS is expected to launch this spring.

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