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Zombie Tycoon

Platform(s): PSP
Genre: Strategy

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'Zombie Tycoon' (PSP) First Mini to Use Vicious Engine - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 14, 2009 @ 10:57 a.m. PDT

Zombie Tycoon is a humorous game that puts the player at the helm of their very own ravenous zombie horde! Using a mix of fast-paced action and strategic execution, players can amass a terrifying undead army and conquer the entire world!

For those avoiding the stock market in this recession, apply your managerial skills to amassing live brains rather than cold, hard cash. In Zombie Tycoon, living dead video game aficionados will encounter a completely new set of challenges in their roll as zombie overlord—responsible for the overall strategy of attack and the well-being of their troops in the attempt to spread the undead across the globe. Along with the fast-paced action found in games where players control more self-serving zombies, Frima Studios has added humorous strategies and managerial challenges into the game play for a new take on a classic genre.

After discovering a formula capable of reviving dead flesh, an eminent scientist created the first zombie of this world. As this briliant scientists corporate master you obviously ransacked the laboratory and assimilating your employees into an undead horde. Now it's just a simple task of absolute and utter world domination. All that stands in your way are some pesky cities filled with fresh humans to add to your army. The tenacity of mankind will indeed be a major obstacle but it is your task to ensure that the human plight remains... eternal.

“For our first minis title, we wanted to make something that would stand out from the crowd both technically and artistically,” said Martin Brouard, Executive Producer of Frima Studio. “The Vicious Engine has helped us take full advantage of the PSP’s power while still keeping Zombie Tycoon within the size limit for a minis title.”

“The Frima Studio team’s quick mastery of the Vicious Engine helped them hit the ground running and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible,” said Eric Peterson, President and CEO of Vicious Cycle Software.

Key Features:

  • Control up to three different hilarious zombie hordes;
  • Uncover an intriguing story through several animated cut-scenes and in-game dialogues;
  • Play through 10 levels and solve puzzles in order to infest every part of the map and achieve world domination;
  • Choose from more than 100 funny items, armors and weapons to equip your zombies.
  • Burn cities to the ground, thanks to a unique combat system allowing to attack humans and destroy buildings;

Frima Studios Zombie Tycoon will be available exclusively as a download through “The Minis” on Sony’s new Playstation Store.

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